Parent Trap Part two

Deleted original post, because this doesn't help anything.

To Univ. I am the one who wrote the post, everything posted here is mine. May I remind you this, is a blog, not a newspaper, not a website.

A plain blog.

If I were to use the standards of journalism for this site, half the post won't see print.

That's why I didn't mention any team nor school in the post, since I didn't have most of the information.

I added that post, so that those who knew about it, can add something. I've decided to remove it entirely, because one, we have enough negative stories without adding another sidelight.

Of course, I may change my mind again later dawn.


Anonymous said…
in any competition, the player or the athelete is top priority on the field. even if the spectators got there first, that doesn't mean they should stay where they are.

in football, i would say that 98% of the time, the ball does not go to where it was intended to go. that's applicable either in an actual game, in practice, or when warming up. in festivals and in tournaments, the basic rule is to watch out for the ball.

i'm wondering what will happen next. we are already signing waivers that we will not blame organizers if we injure ourselves during the matches. are we now going to make spectators sign waivers that organizers will not be held liable for any untoward incident involving them too ?

in a festival, assigning places where spectators can stay will never be implementable. let's accept that as part of the "ambiance" of a football festival. if you go watch a festival, always expect to be hit by a wayward ball. don't bother thinking if it was intentional or not.

if a group of players are kicking the ball close to where you are sitting, don't think "why the hell are these players kicking that thing so close to us. don't they know they might hit someone ?"

instead, one should think "if i don't wanna get hit, what the hell am i doing here !!!"

bai mike, please reconsider bringing Parent's Trap Part 1 back.
Anonymous said…
If the guy continued to kick balls in my direction despite my warnings and hit me or people beside me, I wont make a big fuss out of it. I will probably just throw the ball out across the fence. Unsa ko gago pa-igo?
Anonymous said…
To univer, can you post whatever info. you have... Im sure you did well in Journalism for Dummies class... heheheee, just kidding, tell us what you know, so we could bitch at the right person....

Post it soon, Im buying a six pack tonight, It'l be fun writing stuff's when your slightly loaded....
Anonymous said…
riscoh, what's the english word for tagay ?

actually, you can already buy red horse in cans in several states there. my cousins kidded me when i showed up in LA with a box of RedHorse as pasalubong. turned out it was available there for years already.

anyway, back to the topic at hand. yup, like what robert wrote, throwing the ball away would be a more effective option. only a complete dumbass won't understand such an act.

but did someone really "drag" a minor and force him to apologize ? last time i looked, that was still child abuse. hope someone post details here.
Anonymous said…
yap, I had fun writing the parent trap part one last night, er, early this morning. Damn, was I, loaded
Anonymous said…
SunStar report - 222 teams to join Aboitiz Festival.

wow, 222 teams. how many field-invading, child-dragging, soccermoms will that be. hehehehe.

shucks, 222 teams - yet we still have only one tournament per division per year. P14 players doesn't even have a tournament scheduled for them.

forming Cebu's elite 12 year olds into one team. Cebu's best 1992 born players in the CFE - yeah, we now who those boys will be. question is, are they really Cebu's best or will they be the one's closest to CebuFA.
Anonymous said…
TAGAY... I dont know.. maybe shot. I should go across the border, buy that elusive Red Horse.
Anonymous said…
Out of topic...

Does CebuFA have a database for teams, players, officials, tournament info, game statistics and etc.? It would be nice if they have one... It's about time, we're in the Information Age already.
Anonymous said…
Riscoh, many has been pushing for such a database. i don't know why CebuFA hasn't gotten around to doing it.

every year, the age-group players has been required to submit authenticated copies of their birth certificates. for everyones information, it practically takes more than half a day to line up, and pay the fees at the National Statistic Office so one can get an authentic birth certificate. one then has to return several days later, line up again, to claim the certificate. a fixer will cut the process to just a day with no lining up on your part but you'll have to part with a couple of hundred pesos.

the CebuFA has authenticated copies of birth certificates of many school based teams. they should have done the electronic database by now and save many the hassle of having to repeat the process evry season.
Anonymous said…
You dont have to believe me, Actually Ronaldo, I emailed Maximo, about setting up a website and database for players, teams, tournaments and etc... I got a reply, he was asking for a proposal... Well I told him, I only need their approval and I will take care of the registration and hosting fees... Apparently I figured they were not interested or doubt my intentions coz I didnt hear from Max since.

Im still interested in doing this, Guess, I'll just have to wait for the next CebuFA president.
Anonymous said…
i think we are still on topic coz it's the parents who gets the burden of going to the NSO every year to get certified true copies of birth certificates.

the most basic database can even be established on a word or excel file. of course, scanning each birth certificate and attaching it to each player's file would be added proof of eligibility.

a simple search on the database would clear up any eligibility issue in an instant. load the basic data into a PDA and bring it to the playing field and we get instant access to all records.

a lot of goddamn good proposals sure find their way in the CebuFA dustbin. oh well. da,da,dam,dam,dam...tsk - another one bites the dust.
Anonymous said…
you know wat thats what they are tyring to prove to some of the bisaya and some of the parents in cis,springdale they think we are not thatintelligent to know wat is right and wrong they put us doen all the time but to tell your that dumb also parents and pls change that
Anonymous said…
What do you mean pero? they are trying to prove what? Whats with the parents in CIS and SPRINGDALE? Are you talking about the database stuff/egistration process or the incident that soccermoms are bitching?
Anonymous said…
i am refering to the soccer moms that are bitching.....

they think they are only the persons who knows wats right all the time,dont think so...

they under estimate some of the skuls and people
Anonymous said…
let's put things in context here, some of the soccermoms have been going to the festivals for years, with no problems. i really dont know what happened in the mizuno that it resulted to this
Anonymous said…
mis understanding, and maybe thats the case
Anonymous said…
i've seen soccermoms invade the field because their sons got hit by a balls. i've seen soccermoms threaten referees when they felt their son's team was given a bad call or non-call. i've seen soccermoms approach the opponent's bench and threw a tirade because their sons were crying either because they got hurt or lost the game.

after the initial amusement or irritation, i usually get over the incident - most of us do. ignorance and overprotectiveness is now part of the game - i keep telling myself that.

but suing someone for child abuse is serious stuff. thankfully it was not for something that occured on the field but off it.

i'm not privy to the incident so i'll just have to listen to the grapevines and wait if the suit does push thru. i received emails and PM's from both sides telling me their version of what happened (despite the field rivalries, i have a lot of close friends and associates from both camps involved in the incident).

my advice to both parties - if you can't handle the heat, then get out of the kitchen.

Riscoh, you might have to wait longer for the database to finally come thru. my grapevine just informed me that next year's CebuFA elections will again allow the buying of proxy votes. that means that the board will not be occupied by official school/team/club representatives. shucks, soccermoms and soccerdads will still be dictating CebuFA policy. guess we'll be facing several more years of underdevelopment.

aww shoot.
Anonymous said…
Ive made up my mind Ronaldo and wont force the issue. I think It'll be better to just forget everything about it, I forgot we're still in the Dark Age....

I'll just concentrate on getting drunk and bitch about CEBU FOOTBALL, after all nobody knows me there.... heheheheh, just kidding!
Anonymous said…
well, hope does spring eternal. if we can get our acts together and with proper leaders, we might just make it.

i've been very consistent with this - the CebuFA board must be occupied by official representatives of football playing schools, clubs and teams. let's do away with the proxy voting. one school/club/team = 1 vote. if we get this first step right, we might just get out of this rut we are in.

let's make a comprehensive football development program and formulate the proper policies to effectively implement it.

this proxy voting scheme when used in a similar fashion like last elections will effectively doom cebufootball. favoritism and a directionless path will again rule us for four more years.

pass that bottle around riscoh.
Anonymous said…
Yah... sori got carried away... tagay sako... Is their anything that you guys can do about this? Whats the purpose of such voting scheme. Participating teams/organizations are not properly represented here.

So how does this proxy voting work? Are there any guidelines on how to implement proxy voting? Does this work like the corporate world? How many votes can a single entity have? How can this help Cebu football?

Was this the reason why people are so obsessed with futsal? ( I dont wanna elaborate this.... birds of the same feather flock together!) How can this improve Cebu football? Football festivals are merely for promotional purposes and its just a way for soccermom's/dad's to socialize and not do there chores at home, hehehe. I'm sure majority dont even know what offside is. There is no way this could greatly improve our game.

This is getting too complicated for my prehistoric brain.

Kinsa na ni tagay? imo nasad Ronaldo? Ibaligya na lang ta ning kabaw nga dili na mo inom.
Anonymous said…
proxy voting - CebuFA style - works like this. you first have to buy 1 voting right worth 100 pesos (this was the rate last elections). buying a voting-right also makes you a CebuFA member. actually, it's the other way around. for 100 pesos, you become a CebuFA member and get yourself 1 voting right.

you can now see the stupidity of the system. that means any tom, jane or harry can vote. i don't mind them becoming members, but voting-members ?

you can also buy yourself a corporate-membership for 500 pesos. this gives you 5 votes.

if you cannot be physically present during the elections then you can have someone vote for you. that is were the term "proxy-voting" comes in. one person can represent hundreds of voting members and thru their proxy-votes, and chose by himself who he wants to elect.

this procedure was used to ease out Ugarte and put in Maximo. nothing wrong with that, stupid as it may sound to me, it was provided for in the old CFA bylaws, thus it was legal and aboveboard.

the problem as i view it was this - those who took over hasn't been able to come up with a comprehensible football development program that was formulated and agreed on by those with stakes in cebufootball. i feel that replacing Ugarte with someone else was the only purpose of the last election. coming in with a development program wasn't. i wouldn't have worried even if all of the CebuFA board members were from "the other side of the fence" as long as they brought with them the right policies to put into place, but unfortunately they didn't.

cebufootball, as far as leadership is concerned, is personality based, not policy based. try asking a football related question here and the answer will most probably be - ask Maximo, it depends on Maximo, we will wait for Maximo.

that my friends, is the main reason why we are in the doldrums.

this is not about Maximo - i'm sure he is a good person at heart. this is about the system we have in place and how ineffective it is when faced with the needs, demands and individual programs of cebu based schools, clubs and teams.

if we have a program to follow then all our activities will be policy based. all schools and teams will not have to think and worry about the caprices of one or several persons but will simply follow what's in the program.

i wish the next election will go away with the previous process. 1 school/club/team = 1 vote.

i thinks it's mike's tagay already riscoh. MikeH and totot disappeared some time ago.
Anonymous said…
hahaha wa bay ronaldo naa ra gihapon,usahay diman mi kasulod sa blog gud...

aku nga tagay,si riscoh ug si mike napud sunod..


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