Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Fair Play: Cesafi, a great asset as CFA member

(This is my Fair Play column for Sun.Star Cebu's Sept. 2 edition)
I FINALLY had a chance to see the template the Philippine Football Federation sent to the local provincial football associations that they must follow inline with the changes mandated by Fifa in Philippine football.

There are a lot of changes actually and if the CFA adopts them all, the way it operates will be a whole lot different from what we are used to. From the board composition, to membership, to the election.

But one of the proposed changes that really piqued my interest is the one on membership. Before, only clubs are taken in as members but under the new template, local leagues can join as members.

Just imagine the possibilities that are opened if you have the Cesafi--Cebu's oldest school league that has 10 members--as a member of the local association for football.

The scheduling conflicts that was prevalent then are a thing of the past as the football calendar has been synched with the cooperation between the CFA and Cesafi but if the school league wholly dives in and gets to work as an active member, that relationship could be a win-win situation.

Though it has 10 members, Cesafi only has five teams in college and five in high school for its competition and perhaps being with the CFA, the Cesafi can help its members that have no football teams develop one. How?

The CFA has the step-ladder programs for players and coaches and the Cesafi could have the schools join them or organize one of their own for their students and potential coaches. They don't have to immediately offer full scholarships to everyone, just forming the team would be a perfect start.

Just imagine what it means for local football if the athletic scholarships available for local players double in two to three years. From five teams to 10 teams!

And that's just for the boys.

We've always dreamed of having girls football in Cesafi, and this finally lead to that. Because being a CFA member isn't about getting vocal only during elections, it's about participating in the programs. Just imagine if the 10 school-members of Cesafi asks the CFA for help in developing its futsal and girls football programs?

We'd be the envy of all the other provincial associations. In most, if not all areas, the school leagues and the PFAs are like cats and dogs, they exist to compound each other's misery--the fight over the schedule being the primary bone of contention.

If it becomes an active member, the Cesafi could really change the game in Cebu. (

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