Fair Play: Who should be in the CFA board?

(This is my Fair Play column for Sun.Star Cebu's Feb. 19 edition)
A FEW weeks ago, Engr. Nilo Ferraren asked me if there was any news of the coming Cebu Football Association elections. I had none so I told the engineer a regular patron of football tournaments up north, that.

He was disappointed, and he pointed out that the planned general assembly to be called last year was postponed. I asked CFA gen-sec designate Atty. Julius Caesare Entise of some updates and he said, the general assembly will come first before the elections as there are some changes in the statutes.

What these changes are, I don't know, but I hope some of it would be addressed to pruning the members or who gets to vote.

When the South Cotabato FA applied for a membership of the PFF, the leaders were told that before they could become voting members of the PFF, they had to join the qualifiers for the national competitions first. That makes sense because, coming up with a club by name is easy, coming up with a club that competes in competitions, isn't. Say require those who can vote to have joined the Aboitiz Cup as proof that the team exists?

If it were up to me, I'd give the four members of the board whose terms are expiring a fresh four-year term, as I've seen the way they work--to the chagrin of family members who've seen less of their husbands because of the mistress that is the beautiful game, but it can't be an election without contenders, right?

So, who do you think should be in the CFA board for the next four years? Better start looking for your answers now. And of course, please choose the best person for the job, not someone who comes in late in the game because his name suddenly cropped up (Here's where I crane my neck to Malacanang's direction.)

One gauge would be this--if you're happy with how the game has been run in Cebu or if you think someone else can do better, then he or she is your candidate.

By the way, why am I--a non-voter--writing about this? Because Cebu football is in an important transition period. The momentum is on the upswing, it can't afford to return to the bitter factionalism of the past. Plus, there's a coming national league, and Cebu will have a team (or two, as one other writer told me.)

This year's election could be one of the most important for the CFA, so, start thinking—who do you think should be in the board?


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