Fair Play: Watch Manny, but please, let's not elect him

(This is my Fair Play column for Sun.Star Cebu's Feb. 11 edition)
MANNY Pacquiao the boxer is a great guy. Everyone knows that. Humble and aggressive, always smiling but fierce, and of course, he never plays dirty and readily accepts defeat, even one that stings.

Manny Pacquiao the preacher, is a great guy, too. The documentary "Manny" showed that, a perfect example of how one guy can completely turn his life around by completely immersing himself with religion.

As to Manny Pacquiao the politician. Now that one's a head-scratcher. Already the top absentee in congress as a professional boxer-slash-politician, Pacquiao added "professional-coach-and-part-time point-guard" to his resume, making one wonder if he knows what he is doing.

Or is it his advisers who are pulling strings, controlling Pacquiao the politician and Pacquiao the basketball coach. Come on, his being named as PBA coach was just a brilliant marketing coup, nothing more, nothing less. What can he bring to a basketball court that a B-level ex college player can't? What can he bring to the coaching sessions that his numerous "assistants" can't?

The documentary Manny hinted at Manny becoming the next president, which actually made me shudder. We went with the popular choice once, look where it has gotten us?

Manny is a boxer or used to be a full-time boxer since he added on this numerous other hobbies. We have learned a lot of lessons, from his rise from humble beginnings but please, let this be the last time we elect someone to an office that needs mental skills because we liked his physical skills.

Consider where Manny has been lately—Miss Universe, NBA game, meeting with Floyd Mayweather, a prayer breakfast meeting with US President Barack Obama and a PBA game.

His job in Congress, where he joined only seven out of 70 sessions last year, still misses him.

Yes, I did say previously that Manny beating the guy from a political dynasty down South was a good thing, but that was before his family started a dynasty of his own and he started acting like the traditional politician he replaced.

If you have time, watch documentary Manny. It's a good one, but please don't vote for the guy. And certainly don't fan his dreams of becoming president.

Haven't we suffered enough from popular choices that came back to bite us in the ass?


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