Fair Play: A renaissance man behind Philboxing.com

(This is my Fair Play column for Sun.Star Cebu's Jan. 15 edition)
DURING the launching of Pinoy Pride 28 involving Donnie Nietes latest defense, I got to chat with Dong Secuya, the genius behind Pinoygreats.com and a slew of other websites.

That talk made me realize that “genius” is an understatement because I learned that night behind that cool facade is a gifted brain that would make computer engineers, accountants and even boxing writers envious.

Before he got the website that his life know revolves around with, he was an accountant, and even taught himself to write accounting programs. And did you know he quit that job to try his luck as a painter?

His contemporaries are a virtual who’s who in the local painting circuit and while he wasn’t busy with his brushes, he was brushing up on the latest web updates in a time when everybody’s else’s idea of a web was one invovling a spider.

Consider this, their group was already up-to-date with the latest technology before even the University of San Carlso became the first school to hook up online.

And for those self-taught experts out there, at least those who keep to stay humble, here’s a homage to you. Dong said when USC first started using Linux, nobody among the professors knew how to go about it so among their members was a doctor whose hobby was to tinker with computers. He taught the teachers how.

And during the testimonial dinner for Donnie Nietes, Dong told me his latest project—to trace the nitty-gritty of global economics and sift through the myriad of information, the crash in oil prices for example, to identify the real powerbrokers in global economics. Just thinking about it makes my head explode.

“I’m almost done with it,” he said, “And I’ve identified the real players and powerbrokers in the world.”

I asked him if he plans to write a book about it but it seems that was just more of an exercise for his impressive intellect because aside from that, he has to write stories, take pictures and maintain his website (updated thrice a day).

And do you know how his dalliance with boxing started? All because while lurking in one of the forum of Marco Antonio Barrera’s website, before that famous 11th-round KO win by Manny Pacquiao, one Mexican poster told him and other Filipino fans to go “find a website of their own and not stay at a Mexican fighter’s homepage.”

So, he made one site that has since changed how boxing news in the world are consumed.


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