Feedback: The sorry state of Rizal Memorial Stadium

FEEDBACK. Here's a feed back from a reader:

Mike, me and my son heeded the Azkals for support during the home game. Now, for future games may the Azkals management heed the fans voice. Last Saturday, RMS is continually degrading.

We sat at the bleachers section thinking that it would be fun. It was but the facilities are not. About 5000 fans were made to contend with six unlighted portalets. Worse, I asked the ushers if there was any CR available an usher answered that the walls can be used. i said that I wont do it because only animals do it and what kind of example would be to my son.

Though there was ample food especially done by family mart, the compound is dirty. Attendance was not full and I am of the opinion that if Manila can not fill it up then Panaad or Cebu should host the Azkals' next important games. Why reward Manila when it is not cooperative? Reward Panaad and Cebu. I am from Manila but I hope Panaad and Cebu gets to host the next games."

My take: I haven't been back to Rizal since the Kuwait game in 2011, and though the pitch has been turned artificial, overall, the assesment I get is that our national stadium named after our national hero is still in a sorry state.

The 70-year-old edifice needs sprucing up, but the first question is, who maintains it and who will spend for its upgrade?

The PFF and the Philippine Sports Commission had a tug-of-war for the installation of the artificial turf, which the PSC eventually won and now the PFF is in an unenviable state of being identified as host in international matches in a stadium that have seen better years.  If I'm not wrong, it's the PSC that has the final say on anything about Rizal.

Panaad is in a much better state than Cebu, whose stadium no longer has a pitch.

It's the next stage of the football revolution, for LGUs to realize football is a sport that is growing and for them to put up their own stadiums, or perhaps pitches, not only for elite tournaments but for their constituents as well.

By the way, congrats to all the fans who showed up for the home game, that was the best crowd, I think, since the 2011 match against Kuwait.  Here's hoping in the next home game, no one would be sitting and they'd all be dancing, chanting and waving the Philippine flags.


Grayson Artates said…
became a fan since 2010 Miracle in Hanoi. i've attended every live game in Rizal since Sri Lanka...every live game...yes the stadium is crappy and yes cebu or bacolod fans can fill up their stadiums. But it is Manila wherein fans must fill Rizal in order for futball to grow. Cebu and Bacolod are already conquered. it is time to conquer Manila. I have invited all my friends and family to watch games live and everytime I am able to convert at least one person. Important games should always be played in Rizal. Don't take it away from us.
Rising Son said…
Sorry Mike. There were other games that filled up the RMS. The 2012 Azkals vs Singapore game was filled up. Last Saturday's game was i think 60% full. And what's this I read that Dan Palami is soliciting funds from fans for the Azkals' expenditures. This is alarming. I think Palami is starting to feel the hurt in his pocket as the hoped assistance from other sponsors have not come in. Is the Pinoys' love for football waning? I hope not. I was born loving basketball but when I got to taste Azkals football it was a revelation. And thanks to Dan Palami for that.

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