Fair Play: Talisay City begs its way to futsal gold in Batang Pinoy

(This is my Fair Play column for Sun.Star Cebu's Nov. 5 edition)
BUY, borrow or steal. That's what my favorite high school teacher always told us whenever we were faced with something difficult.

Don't have a calculator? Buy, borrow or steal. Don't know the answer to a math question? Buy, borrow or steal a solution. His point was, if you looked hard enough, you'd eventually find a solution.

That, essentially, was what Rhosner Bollozos had to do to bring his Talisay City to the Batang Pinoy futsal competition in Aklan. While Cebu City allocated P3.4 million for its team's participation for the prestigious, LGU-based meet, Bollozos got a "thank you, but we need the money for the fiesta" from their city.

So, what was left for him to do?

Here, if you let lack of funds hamper you, then don't be a football coach--or don't get involved in sports for that matter. It's the reality, sometimes you'd meet folks who think your team's representation of a city isn't worth a dime.

So, he solicited from friends for their fare to Aklan, and they brought along cooking utensils. While, there, they cooked their own meals to save on their meager funds, and

I was told, a boxing coach from another delegation gave them rice allocation, too.

"Medyo luoy ang ilang team kay they've been training hard," a friend of the coach told me.

And oh, how did they fare in the competition featuring the best teams in the Visayas?

They won the gold medal and if I was an official of the Talisay City Sports Commission, I'd readily make up for the earlier transgression, parade this exemplary group of youngsters and reward them for their never-quit-attitude, hard work and perseverance despite the odds, you know, just the usual stuff officials use in their “template speeches” for elections.

It's not too late to address this mistake. This maltreatment. Because of their win in the Visayas elimination, Talisay City earned a spot in the national finals and if this squad still has to “buy, borrow or steal” its way to the national finals, sports officials in Talisay City should step down. Because they don't know what they are doing.

SUN.STAR CUP 2014. The 2014 Sun.Star Cup will be on the third weekend of this month at the Cebu City Sports Center. The competition will have the Mixed Under 7, Under 9, Under 11, Boys Under 13, and the Boys and Girls Under 15, Under 18 and Under 23.

If you still don't have an invitation, no need to "buy, borrow or steal" one, just call Hazel Toledano at 0915 441 0520.


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