News: Aboitiz Cup to add pinweight, pinhead divisions in 2015

(This news will come out in the special edition of Sun.Star Cebu. I will post link once available)
TO HELP curb violent incidents that marred their tournament last month, organizers of the Aboitiz Football Cup will add two
divisions to their tournament next year--the pinweight and pinhead divisions.

Last month's Aboitiz cup tournament was marred by a free-for-all between two 18-under teams that was aggravated when some spectators--including a parent--joined in the fray.

Organizers have teamed up with members of Cebu's vaunted ALA boxing gym, the Omega boxing stable and Yawyan Ardigma for the two divisions.  Both boxing stables have two reigning world champions.

The pinweight division will be for players who will be red carded for violent conduct, while the pinhead division will be for parents and specators who want to join in the fray.

"This is how it would work, we will set up a boxing ring in a prominent area near the grandstand and any player who gets a red card would be required to fight an ALA boxer for at least three rounds," said a Cebu Football Association board member who asked for anonymity as the group is yet to make the announcement formal.

The announcement will be made on April 1 at the Avril Folle lounge of the Cebu Business Prank.

Though a red card will automatically carry a one-game suspension, the source said that all players who get ejected would be required to go three rounds before they can return to play.

"Kung two rounds ra, di pwede. Balik na sad sila sunod semana for another three rounds.  Tanawun nato kung unsa gyud ni sila ka isug, kay basi isug ra ni sila kung wala kakita ang mga referees," he said.

For the parents or spectators who want to join in the fight, it won't be the boxers they would face.

"Kani sila mga dagko naman sila, ato ni sila'g paresan sa mga taga Yawyan," the source said. "Gusto man kaya nila'g free-for-all nga away, aw hala, kaning MMA kay duha ra'y rules, wala'y tusokay'g mata ug wala'y itlogay."


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