Fair Play: USC: Has the sleeping giant finally awaken?

AS AN alumni of the University of San Carlos, I’ve always followed the school in the Cesafi. I saw the team win the title once, and come close a couple of times.

For such a big university, it’s surprising how for years, USC has simply ignored--or failed to realize--its potential but now, it seems, there’s going to be a change.

I met with school officials a couple of weeks ago and learned that the school is going to tap Queen City United to take over the collegiate football program, taking that first step to do what schools with

succesfull athletic programs worldwide do--tap the alumni.

“We are all alumni,” one of the QCU officers said. “Who would be in the better position to support the school?”

USC is building a football stadium, which is going to be one of the best in the country, and for a school to have such facility but a weak team would be a total waste of its potential.

When I learned about the QCU takeover, I told the club and school officials, that it’s about time USC taps its potential--its high school and elementary students. Start a program at the elementary level geared at providing players for its high school and college teams, a program that should be implemented university-wide because it is a university.

If the players are recruited for other colleges or teams, let them be. Let them leave and choose their own paths as that would only mean the rival schools recognize the value of the program.

Of all the universities in Cebu, no one is doing that, and what college coaches do is to recruit among existing high school powerhouses like Don Bosco, Springdale, Abellana and Ateneo.

It’s about time somebody starts it.

I know Queen City United would also benefit from that move. As a club that is envisioned to be part of the Philippine league, it needs a farm system that would supply players in the youth and senior levels, and it would get that from USC.

USC, too, would benefit greatly. One coach is trying to put up a program, but in a smaller scale, in the elementary level and he has been succesful—despite facing some opposition.

But without a university-wide support, that program won’t be as successful and as lasting.

USC is a giant but its potential hasn’t been tapped. Now is the perfect time to make the right move.


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