Fair Play: How to deal with protests in tournaments

THE last time I saw University of San Jose-Recoletos keeper Peter Onde play was in a finals shootout between the Kicking Jaguars and the University of San Carlos for the CAAA crown, if I remembered it right. And the gifted keeper played a key role in that win.

Fast forward to 2014, in a shootout between Cebu International School (CIS) and KTec Trading in the men's open division of the 3rd BRO Cup, Onde showed he still got it, stopping one shot to help CIS advance to the finals against KNF D'Amigos.

“He still got it. If you’re an elite keeper, your instinct never really leaves you.” That was the consensus of those who saw the semifinals shootout between CIS and KTec Trading.

It was just unfortunate that while one former keeper was stealing the show, another Frederick Alazas, the manager of KTec trading, also stole the limelight in the grandstand.

The former national team member got into a shouting match with Engr. Rodney Orale, one of the organizers, for transferring the shootout from the field where they played regulation to another.

Everybody heard it, everybody saw it. And I think it's an incident that shouldn't have happened.

In the finals against KN Ferraren, which also had former national team standout and USJ-R alumni Oliver Colina, it seemed CIS was content on coasting on Onde's shoulders, playing defensively for most of the match.

“Are they waiting for a shootout?” One of those who were watching said.

It didn’t happen. Though Onde had some saves, KNF Ferraren scored two goals. CIS got one back but it was a little too late.

That was the final match of the third edition of the BRO Cup and it ended at aroud 3 p.m., way earlier than most tournaments do.

With the success, Engr. Keith Buyco, coach Glenn Ramos, Engr. Orale, (who was addressed as Atty. by the lovely singer during the coaches night) and Atty. Delon Urot and the rest of those who worked hard can pat themselves on the back for a succesful tournament, one that is unlike any other.

For next year’s tournament, assigned from printing out a huge tarpaulin with the words, “Please leave your egos at the gates,” I hope they also announce that pens and papers will be available at the organizers table for protests.

Milo Little Olympics organizers Ricky Ballesteros said it best of protests.

Daghan gusto mureklamo, sayun raman unya usahay madala sa init pero gamay ra ang mo file ug reklamo"


Unknown said…
He would always be respected. Idol!
Unknown said…
Idol! Salute to him.

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