Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Fair Play: Azkals launch contest to bring fans to Challenge Cup

THE Philippine Football Federation has launched a contest aimed at bringing at least 25 fans to travel with the team for free in the AFC Challenge Cup at the Maldives in May.

Since the PFF recognizes the unique makeup of Pinoy football fans, they have come up with seeral contests that will cater to all sorts of fans--from the hardcore, to the self-proclaimed ultra, to the real ultra and to the casual fans and to those who possess analytical minds that rivals Ryan Fenix.

"Waray ako hito magyakan, buwa ito! Diri kami responsable kun ano man ito nga mga pinansurat," an ecstatic Dan Palami, the manager of the Philippine Azkals, told Fair Play yesterday. 

You may sign up by sending your profile and e-mail to isjaroncoachweissnotontwitter(at)gmail(dot)com.

1.) BETTER THAN BOB CONTEST.  Bob Guerrero is the voice behind Azkals matches as the leading color commentator. Since Bob has his fair share of critics and not a few of whom think they are better than him behind the mike. So any fan who can submit a 90-minute commentary of an Azkal game will get a seat to the Maldives and a 10-minute interview with Bob Guerrero himself.

Contestants are only allowed five grammatical errors and two situational errors--i.e..calling a throw-in a free throw.

However, any fan who uses the line, “Darren, can you explain the offside rule again" will automatically be disqualified

2.) GO GREEN MIRACLE WORKER CONTEST. The Cebu City Sports Center, the venue for the Malaysia vs. Philippines game is a dead field and has been dead since the Philippines vs. Singapore match. 

Fans who can show their best skills in planting grass, watering the grass and taking care  of the grass will get a seat. 

Fans who show up with another kind of grass will get eat-all-you-can buffet stubs.

3.) HARDCORE KA?  Any fan who promises to put up a banner cursing the POC-PSC during the Philippines vs. Malaysia game will get an entry for a raffle for one seat. Any fan who promises to do mayhem to drive the point against PSC-POC will also get one entry raffle.

4.) HARDCORE GYUD!  Any fan who shows up with a banner cursing the POC-PSC in the game will get two seats each (one for the fan, one for the GF, BF or GF/BF) to the Challenge Cup.  

5.) REALLY HARD CORE! Any fan who can explain the logic behind the POC-PSC’s move in the football scene lately will get five seats to the AFC Challenge Cup, free round trip tickets for the wife and girl friend No. 1, free Azkals jerseys and his tap water will be connected to the nearest San Miguel brewery for life.

6.) REALLY HARD.  The neighboring establishments of the PFF House of Football are also supporting the contest and any fan who can present  proof that he or she or he/she has stayed in at least four of PFF's neighboring establishments will get two seats to the AFC Challenge Cup and two VIP seats to the Cebu vs. Malaysia game.

(P.S. A fan who can provide proof of stay in four PFF neighbours in a 24-hour period will get a seat to the Challenge Cup and free VIP seats for life.)

WARNING: The PFF is stressing that proof of stay DOES NOT include photos or videos.

7.) CLEAR HAIR. Phil Younghusband is the leading striker of the Philippine team, and any fan, male or female, who can show up with better hair than that of the Philippines striker, as shown in his Clear commercial, will get two tickets.  If the fan keeps that kind of hair after scoring two headers, he or she or he/she would get an extra seat.

8.) WORD WARRIORS.  Any fan who can send a 3,600-character essay on why the Philippines is better this year would get a seat.  Any fan--writer or blogger--who sends a 
copy-pasted entry would get seats in a seminar on copyright laws.

The contest will be formally announced at the Avril Folle Lounge of the Cebu Business Prank today. 

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