Thursday, November 21, 2013

Fair Play: 137 teams join 2nd Sun.Star Cebu Cup

THE Sun.Star Cebu Cup returns this weekend at the Cebu City Sports Center with 137 teams spread over 10 age group divisions.

This Saturday, the teams seeing action are those in the Players 6, 8, 12 and Girls 14 and the Boys and Girls 19. On Sunday, it will be the turn of the Players 10, Boys 14, and the Boys and Girls 17 divisions, still at the Cebu City Sports Center.

The event is again focused on the age group divisions and we won’t be having the men’s and women’s open as we want to focus on the grassroots. That’s also why the number of teams doesn’t match the big festivals like the Thirsty Cup.

There was supposed to be an online contest through twitter and instagram for fans, but we decided not to push through with it as in the time when even selfies are frowned upon, soliciting likes for a contest does not seem appropriate.

However, the raffle for the players will push through but the prizes won’t be as extravagant as originally planned. So to the players, you might want to stay around even if your team gets eliminated.

As is in any football tournaments in Cebu, Don Bosco FC has the most number of teams with 26, with 10 alone in the Players eight division and six in the Players 12. It won’t be a suprise if these teams meet each other in the knockout stage. Bright is second with 10 with a team each in the Players 6, 8, 12, Boys and Girls 14 and Boys 17 and two teams in the Players 8 and Girls 17 divisions.

San Roque FC has nine with two teams in the Players 8 and 10 divisions, while Springdale also has nine, with three in the Boys 14 division and two in the Boys 17.

The Players 8 division, unsurprisingly, has the most number of entries with 24,while the Boys 14 has 23. The Boys 17 has 18 and I think, this is going to be a toss-up among Ateneo de Cebu, Don Bosco and Springdale. Don Bosco beat Ateneo de Cebu for the Cesafi high school title and also beat Springdale in the Cebu City Olympics finals, will it make it three in a row?

For the past two years or so, it seemed Don Bosco couldn’t beat Ateneo de Cebu in this division, but the Bosconians have gotten their mojo back, winning the Cesafi and Cebu City Olympics title.

There are also seven teams in the Girls 14, which shows that more girls are joining the sport as this division usually gets less than five teams, and I think teams that got an early start in football—STC and San Roque--are the favorites in this division.
So, see you this Saturday.

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