The Global conundrum (Let's give them hell for 90 minutes)

IT seems, the issue of who has the right to represent which FA in a national tournament has never been resolved.  Then, it was case of players who play in the elimination round of one FA, representing another FA in the regional finals, and yet another FA in the national finals.

Worse, clubs who lose in the regional elims would just jump ship and represent another FA in the national finals.

The latest issue is Global FC, and, I have to say, all the parties involved--the PFF, CFA, Leyte and Global--come out the loser in this fiasco.

Leyte FA was first disqualified from the Smart Club Championships for fielding Global, now, Global is one win away from the second round of the Smart Club championships.  Why is that so? The loser in this scenario? Global.

When Cebu faced Hijos of Samar last October, the winner was supposed to advance to the next round as Global was already eliminated, but what most don't know is that even before the match started, Leyte FA has already written the PFF regarding its disqualification.

Cebu won, 8-1, and was set to play in the next round, announced to be in Bacolod on Nov. 6-10 and suddenly, Global comes in the picture. Loser, PFF.

To be honest, I thought the fact that the PFF let the Cebu vs. Hijos match push through meant it denied Leyte FA's appeal. And I was only reminded of that appeal when Global suddenly came in the picture and it was announced it was to face Hijos and Cebu in the Smart Club regionals. Talk about acting on something urgent very late. Loser, PFF.

Then Global routs Hijos, 23-0, and you have someone like Jason de Jong tweeting, "What the f*** was that?"  That, Jason, was a fuckin football match that wasn’t supposed to happen. Loser, Global.

Cebu, as expected, isn't taking the surprise lightly  and is questioning Global's sudden re-entry. Loser, Cebu.

And of course, for those who only knew of Global's disqualification and to suddenly read about Global's re-entry, can't help but think, "Is the PFF tilting the odds in favor of Leyte FA, which has Dan Palami as the head?" Loser, Global.

Like I said, nobody wins in this latest fiasco.

In an ideal Philippine football scenario, who gets to represent whom should have been settled long before the PFF set up the schedule for the Smart Club championships.

But now that we are here, what should be done?

Cebu has every right to question Global's entry, after its disqualification, just as the Leyte FA has every right to fight for its qualification. 

But enough is enough.  Games should be won on the field, not on the boardroom and not by a piece of paper.

Waiting for the PFF decide to an appeal to another appeal would take what, another appeal?

Two years into the P80-million, 10-year program of the Smart Cup shouldn’t be all about birth-pains but sadly, it’s all about birth pains.  And you can’t help but ask, “Do you guys know what you’re doing?”

Cebu vs. Global. 

Let’s play it, on the field.  Better even to have it in Cebu.  Yes, Global will be the hands on favorite, but so what? So was Vietnam against the Philippines. 

I’m placing my bets on Cebu. Let’s give Global hell for 90 minutes (plus added time) but afterwards, perhaps and what is more important (aside from a Cebu victory, of course), Global and Queen City—or Leyte FA and the CebuFA--can lead changes to how this Smart Club championships is being conducted.

Pusta ko’s Cebu, sukol ka?


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