Sunday, May 26, 2013

Fair Play: An open letter to the newly-elected governor of Cebu

What’s up, Gov? How are you doing these days?  I know you are busy preparing for your June 30 takeover of the provincial seat, and I hope you get that much needed rest before June 30, when you become the third person to sit as governor of Cebu in 12 days.

By the way, I almost volunteered for your campaign back in 2010. I got tired waiting for The Boss one time and managed to wander into the next office that was draped in yellow and because I had nothing to do, I signed up.  The one in charge also had a rather pleasing personality.  

Anyway, there are just a few things I'd like to point out in this letter, and I'm writing this early, because I know, come June 30 you'd be up to your neck in handling the affairs of Cebu and there will be a lot of guys and gals like me, who’d tell you this is how you should do it.  

But unlike most of these guys, I have no hidden interest. I don’t even like volleyball for crying out loud, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

The previous election showed Cebu's influence in national politics and both the opposition and administration bets know that the 2.5 million voters could get them their seats, judging from the numerous traffic-inducing political rallies they held here.

The thing is, I hope you, and those who won their senate seats, would also turn their attention to those who didn't help them win their seats and no I'm not talking about the guys and gals who didn't vote for you but those who are not old enough to vote.

I hope they won't get ignored.

Just imagine, if Cebu's potential as an athletic powerhouse gets the same recognition as its potential as a voting bloc, we'd be a sports heaven. We'd be the envy of the other provinces!

That's why I hope, you'd continue the Gov. Garcia Unity Volleyball Cup. Yes, I know, it started as a political exercise--a Unity Cup to battle Sugbuak, and to be honest, I was skeptical about the program's birth knowing the circumstances of its beginning but it has grown more than that.

It has simply become the largest volleyball competition in the country.

Of course, there may be some apprehensions about extending a program that bears the name of Gov. Garcia and I agree, you could drop the name or even change it.  What is important is the competition gets a shot in the arm.  But please, don't call it the Gov. Davide Unity Cup or GD CUP as it sounds like a name for a herbal medicine.  Maybe call it simply the Sugbu Cup?

Why drop the word volleyball from the name? I've always wished that one government official will see the potential of a province-wide volleyball competition and put up one for other sports as well.

What good has the Gov. Cup done for Cebu? Well for starters we now have Cebuanos playing for marquee schools in Manila, and they got their start in the event.  We now have the national team coming over to conduct trials—something unheard of in the past.  And I think the growth of the sport--and its beach volleyball variant--in Cebu can be traced to the event, too.

Yes, it was used as a political promotional tool but the GUV Cup had more “positives” than “negatives.”  

I really hope you consider that.

P.S.  They say if you want to shoot for the moon, aim for the stars, right?  Well, now that I’ve said my piece about the volleyball cup, I hope you’d consider building a P250 million football-specific stadium in Cebu.  We’d be the envy of the whole Philippines, I think.

Or, Cebu Province could start by partnering with the Cebu Football Association and the Aboitiz Group of Companies to put up an artificial turf in the Aboitiz Sports Field in Mandaue.  I wanted to suggest the Cebu City Sports Center, but I have another letter in mind for Mayor Mike.

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