Cut the crap, Global

MY NO. 1 pet peeve in football is when players do shitty stuff in injury time to delay the game.  

It's comical, stupid and sets a bad example.

Players in regulation who wouldn't bat an eyelash in 50-50s and run at full speed after getting tackled,
would suddenly, in injury time, fall from a tackle that wouldn't hurt a butterfly or worse, from a phantom 

And here's a newsflash to footballers, delay the game by a few minutes by tripping over a phantom kick, and all
you'd get is the referee extending injury time.

Why do it?

There's delaying the game, and there's delaying the game.

Fifa said cable TV was to blame for the spate of foul-baiting in the amateur ranks, one that forced them to make it
a cardable offense.

The players see their idols do it regularly, because of cable TV, so they started doing it.

A lot of new players are idolizing Global, because the club is the current toast of Philippine football, and
I have to say, their delaying tactics is a disappointment, above all.

Sure, everybody does it but that doesn't mean it's the right thing.

I learned football in a sleepy town down south, and not once did we employ these tactics.

Not once.

Is it impossible?

It is, only if you think it is.

So cut the crap.

Set the example.

Be above all.


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