Fair Play: Can CCSC gather 10,000 archers?

THE Cebu City Sports Commission (CCSC) wants to set the record for the most participants in an archery tournament  this November by gathering 10,000 archers.

But where can the CCSC find 10,000 archers when you’d be hard-pressed to get 100?

It’s simple, the CCSC is using a tried and tested formula by tying up with the public schools and teaching teachers who will, in turn, teach students.

It’s a simple but effective formula that they used to teach more than 40,000 players in their record-setting attempt for chess last year.  It’s a formula, too, that the CCSC has been using to spread the gospel of dancesport for the past 10 years.  And, it’s not only the CCSC that is using it, football tried a similar approach in a failed grassroots program--the Kasibulan 6-12 project in 2001--that was revived last year.

It’s so simple that you have to wonder, why it’s only them that’s doing it?
The Philippine Sports Commission also thinks so, that’s why they have encouraged the other LGUs to adopt the CCSC’s programs as the blueprint for their own grassroots programs.  Just imagine, if the 50 or so LGUs in Cebu had a sports commission as dedicated as the CCSC, there would be an exponential growth of the pool base for athletes.

Anyway, back to CCSC, can they hit the target?

They can.

All you need is a bunch of dedicated individual, and I have a feeling that the Cebu Archers Club can do for the Cebu City schools what the Cebu Executives, Proffessionals Chess Association did for chess last year.

In previous talks, Sir Ed Hayco, the man in charge of the CCSC has always told me that aside from the medals and records and his ultimate goal is the transformation of the lives of folks who get involved in sports.

It’s a passion that I’ve always shared, and one I try to get people to believe.
College education, these days, isn’t getting cheaper and one way of getting through college is through sports.  If you think your kid isn’t good enough for an academic scholarship, one way of getting that is through an athletic scholarship. You’re not good enough for basketball, football or chess? Well, you still have a chance.  Every one of us is a born athlete, even the most uncoordinated kind.  If you can throw, run or jump, there’s athletics for you.

All you need is the guts to join tryouts.

Now here’s an idea.  A year ago, I heard one athletic director complain that others schools don’t scout, so why not ask the CCSC scout for them?

But this should be a quid-pro-quo agreement.  Let the CCSC, because of its reach and contacts in the barangays, hold a simple sportsfest where the kids will just run, throw or jump.  It doesn’t even have to follow the strict rules of athletics because talented coaches can spot a rough gem when they see one.

That should be CCSC’s role to gather and discover the talents.  As for the schools? Well, they should come bearing scholarships and that would be a win-win situation.   


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