Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Global's biggest challenge

GLOBAL FC just beat Kaya FC, 2-1, thanks to some wonderful play by Misagh Bahadoran early in extra time.

But, if not for some poor finishing, Global could won by two or three goals.  

Of course, Kaya has nothing to be ashamed about as they were still in it, up to the last minute.  During that final long throw, when Saba got up, I thought that it would be quite a shocker if he scores the equalizer.

Up next for Global is the semifinals on Nov. 13, against the winner of the Loyola vs. Army match and I think this is the game that will really test Global's character, and perhaps, even define it as a time.

Is Global just a team of Azkals?  Or are they so much more?  The semis will be on Nov. 13, when the national team will be in Cebu, preparing for the Singapore friendly. (Unless, of course, there has been major changes in the schedules)

Now, what kind of team is Global? We will find out on Nov. 13.

P.S.  I never liked this planned goal celebration involving the whole team, and there a lot of Youtube clips, where the whole team dances, and the other team restarts and bangs in the goal to an empty net.

Global and all other UFL teams should be careful. It would be embarrassing to be included in the 2012 edition of football bloopers. 

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