Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fair Play: This is it! Singapore vs. Philippines!

RICO, Raffy, Rodney, Glen, Nimrod, Michael. Fr. Heinz and Joey, Memorize these names because these guys have practically spent the past few months married to their non-paying jobs with the Cebu Football Association.

Add to that list, too, Francis and Dino, who, I've been told have spent the last few weeks at the Cebu City Sports Center, checking on their baby regularly.

Their baby, of course, is the CCSC pitch, one that has been transformed from a Dust Bowl to what Denis Wolf reportedly as the best pitch in the Philippines that he has played on.

As to coach Michael Weiss?  He's been dumbfounded.  He was a bit reserved the last time he  checked the field, but I know from the way he was shaking his head he was unimpressed.

"I was a bit reserved with my comments because it would be impolite," he said.  And now, the coach has nothing but praises for what they have done to the field.

During that previous visit, when Dino told Coach Weiss, they could do it in 24 days, coach said, "Good luck!"

Well, they got lucky with the weather, but it was their time spent rehabbing the field, with help from the consultants of Alta Vista Golf and Country Club and Cebu Country Club (one of whom turned out to be their former foe from Bacolod in the Coke-go-for-Goal days) that really did the trick.

Now this is the result.  As good as the Rizal Memorial Stadium pitch was, I’ve always wondered how it would feel to see one of those striped pitches we see on TV, here in the Philippines.

Wonder no more. Thanks to Rico, Raffy, Rodney, Glen, Nimrod, Michael. Fr. Heinz, Joey, Francis and Dino and the countless others who’ve been scouring the field since July.

And of course, two other people who were instrumental in getting this done—Dan Palami and Ricky Dakay.  Two people who look so different physically but have the same interests at heart and back their words with actions.

So, dear Azkals and fans.  The CFA has done everything they could do to make sure the game happens, they did the impossible with the field just so you’d get to play a game.  So, tonight, thank them once in the first half, and again in the second.  If you get a third “thanks,” that would sure make it perfect.

It’s Face-Off time. 

Let’s do this!

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