Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Fair Play: Let's give Coach Weiss that extension

IT'S been often repeated that whether Coach Michael Weiss will get an extension on his  contract due to end in January, will depend on the results of the Suzuki Cup, 2012.

A few months ago, even as late as January, that move made sense.

But after the latest developments, I think hinging his extension on just one tournament pretty much says he's done nothing prior the Suzuki Cup.  And I think the AFC Challenge Cup 3rd place, the Peace Cup trophy and the recent showing of the national team show otherwise.

And these only refer to things we read in the news.  Other than these, his recruitment contacts and the system he has in place show we should have his contract extension ready.

Besides, if we get another coach.  That's starting from scratch, and who would we get?

So, let's keep Coach Weiss (and his parody Twitter account), say until 2015? Because that's the next target.  

When Coach Weiss makes his most-anticipated announcement of the final lineup this Friday, I hope the PFF will make theirs, too.  

NEIL'S BACK! The Philippines' Suzuki Cup campaign just got a major boost with Neil Etheridge getting released by the Bristol Rovers for the tournament.  This came, of course, after one of the opposing teams' coaches said he was elated that the Philippines was having problems getting the services of our Europe-based players.

Aside from Neil, those who are coming are Angel Guirado, Paul Mulders, Dennis Cagara and Jerry Lucena.  So far, it’s only Neil, Ian Araneta, Chris Greatwich, Ray Jonsson, Rob Gier, Ed Sacapano, Jason de Jong and Chieffy Caligdong who’s left from that 2010 squad.  Not all of them, I think, will get to play.

I think we have about 30 players in the pool in Thailand, and the final cut will be made on Friday.  The frenzy over who makes it is nothing like I’ve seen in years.  There are a lot of speculations, which goes to show interest in the tournament is at an all-time high.

I won’t bother making my own prediction of who makes the lineup, maglabad lang imo ulo.  

I just hope that if James Younghusband makes it, he will really take dozens of those Chill Pills that Bob Guerrero mentioned.  He will need it.  Besides, he might even play better.

So, don't forget the Chill Pills, Bob. 

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