Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Fair Play: The best group of fans of PHL football

IT seems, there's a brewing friction among some of the football fans--Kaholeros and Ultras--as to which group is better.

And I always find that funny .

Every time I hear someone brag how one group, especially those who claim to be hardcore, is the better one because of  this and that, I always smirk and think, "Where the hell were you when the men's team, and Philippine football, needed saving from the PFF?"

This competition, interestingly, may be rooted in the UFL--one group is identified with Kaya and the other with Global.

So, who's the better group?

No one, actually.

The only one who can claim to be the ultimate fan of Philippine football is the crazy dude who ran on the rubber tracks at the Panaad Park and Stadium during the game against Mongolia on Feb. 9, 2011.  Those who travel with the team, too, pre 2010 Suzuki Cup success and during the "home game" against Merah Putih in Indonesia, can have a claim to that but if you notice, they aren't bragging about it.

Why? Because perhaps, like me, they think it's a stupid competition.

So, let’s put the end to this competition, shall we.

To each group its own.  Leave the other be.

And what could be better? An end to this distinction.

So, for the friendly against Singapore at the Cebu City Sports Center, I urge those who lead the Ultras and the Kaholeros to work together.  Even better, if you all could be in one area together and show us how crazy you guys can get.

Who are the better fans? The Ultras or the Kaholeros?


It’s the group who can work together. Now, is that you?

UNSUNG HEROES.  Whatever happens in the Nov. 15 game, I hope the CFA and the PFF will take a moment to honor the guys who worked on the field.  I saw the field last Tuesday and it was way better than the last time Dan Palami and Michael Weiss inspected it.

And we have guys like Engr. Rodney Orale, Raffy and Dino Musni and the hardworking guys from Cebu Country Club and Alta Vista Golf and Country Club to thank for.  Last Tuesday, at exactly noon, while it was so darn hot and everybody was scampering for the shades, there they were, on the field, overseeing another round of mowing.  I’ve heard that for the past weeks, they’ve been checking on the field every day.

The CCSC, because of the quality of its grass, may not match the Theater of Dreams but these guys are making sure it’s going to be the best it will ever be.

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