Sunday, October 21, 2012

Final words on the PFF 'hazing incident'

(This should have been posted last week, but I decided to post it after the Azkals friendlies and the AFC U19 tourney----ML)

EVER since I got wind of the hazing incident involving former PFF secretary general and NCRFA president Atty. Rolly Tulay, I've been trying to get more details of the incident, which InterAKTV reported, led to Atty. Tulay's resignation.

I tried calling Atty. Tulay, but my call--and a text message explaining the call--were ignored.

PFF president Nonong Araneta told InterAKTV there was no hazing incident and that Atty. Tulay resigned because he wanted to concentrate with the NCRFA.

I've been snooping around and someone even sent me a copy of a letter to the PFF president, detailing the incident.

And strangely enough, when I contacted the one who wrote the letter to confirm if it really was his, he was surprised that a confidential letter intended for only two people ended up in the media's hands. He did confirm though, that it was his.

In a way, what PFF president Nonong Araneta said was true and Atty. Tulay's resignation as gen-sec means he can now focus on the NCRFA. (For the record, Atty. Tulay denied the incident in the AKTV report and said he resigned because he wanted to focus on the NCRFA.)

What I also learned is that, there really was an incident and because of that, Atty. Tulay was asked to resign.

It is an incident that has put Nonong and the PFF in quite of a bind. It happened a month ago and as I learned, it's sort of an open secret in the PFF the past few weeks.

"You only learned this now?" was one of the reactions I got when I started asking.

So what happened?

There was a party in the PFF and as parties goes, drinks were involved.  Atty. Tulay, a former frat leader in his college days had a paddle--as to why he had a paddle at his former  office in the PFF is a big question.  

The new guy in the PFF, who was present in the party, got whacked, twice, supposedly as part of his "welcome rites."  As hazing rites go, that wasn't even a tenth of it, but the fact that a superior hit a new employee with a paddle right in the office?  Now that's an incident.

As to why it even got to that, we might never know.  Perhaps it was the beer, perhaps it was just for the spirit of fun.  You know what?  If Atty. Tulay blamed the beer, a few folks would have been sympathetic. Me included. We’ve all done crazy stuff because of alcohol.

 But whatever the reason, it has resulted to two things--Atty. Tulay's gone from the PFF and an organization, that for years only made the news for screw-ups and is finally trying to do things right, has been placed in a bind.

To be quite frank, I expected crazy stories like this one in previous admins but not now, not under this new admin.

I haven't met Nonong yet, but I've heard lots of good things about him and the one that keeps coming back was the first time I heard of him, back in 2008, the time the PFF had its elections for president.  There were just two candidates then because a third one--Nonong--backed out.  Then, folks said he should have been the president.

Because this happened under his watch, Nonong might have to deal with this. What if, say, an opportunistic politician gets wind of the incident and decides to throw a publicity stunt, in aid of legislation of course.  

I wrote a few columns ago that the PFF, and POC--being the umbrella organization of PFF--must probe this. Do I still think the same way? Not really. In a way, I'm satisfied with the PFF’s actions, despite, of course, their official stand that Atty. Tulay resigned to concentrate with the NCRFA. There was a probe and there was an action.  

As for Atty. Tulay?  Now that he's no longer with the PFF and can concentrate on the NCRFA? I hope he can really do that--sans the paddle--of course.

And do you know which NCRFA member--that under the present football atmosphere--really needs the support of the NCRFA?

The United Football League. 

The hazing incident never happened, but I hope, lessons will be learned—no matter what your position is in the PFF, if you screw up, you’re out. Official stand be damned.   

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