Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fair Play: PSC, DepED please get your acts together

THE Batang Pinoy was revived, after a seven-year hiatus, to help discover new talents among the thousands of athletes, who would otherwise, be left out in the various NSAs scouting teams--if they have one.

Now just on its second year, the athletes who are to be discovered, will learn one of the ills in Philippines sports--the inability of sports officials to think of the bigger picture.

The Central Visayas Regional Athletic Association meet will be on Dec. 2 to 7 in Dumaguete City, while the Batang Pinoy will be in Iloilo City, on the same days.

The Cviraa--the region’s selection process for its Palarong Pambansa delegation--will have the elementary and high school divisions, while the Batang Pinoy is for the 13 to 15-year-olds, out of school youth included.  And from that alone, you’d know if the conflict of schedules isn’t resolved, the purpose of reviving the Batang Pinoy is defeated.

This conflict of schedule was reported weeks ago and until now, this hasn’t been resolved?  Why? Are they holding a pissing contest?

A case of “we picked the dates first, so you should move your schedule” or “Ours is a national event, yours is just a regional, so move your event.”

How hard is it for the PSC to move its event?  What will it take for them to do that?

And how hard would it be for DepEd to move the Cviraa?  In the past, schedules of DepEd meets were moved often because a certain politico wouldn’t be available for the opening ceremony speech, with nary a consideration for the welfare of the athletes.

Now when a move of schedule would benefit the athletes, it can’t be done?

When organizers of the Batang Pinoy and Cviraa picked their dates, all they probably thought about was the ones convenient for them, and you can’t blame them, that’s an age-old practice.  But this incident should teach them to change that, when picking dates for events like this, the schedule of the sports landscape should be considered.

It’s still eight weeks to go before Dec. 2 to 7, and, realistically, if there’s going to be a move of schedule, it has to be done, within the next two weeks.

And if DepED, or the PSC won’t budge, what would it take to get our sports leaders who are supposed to look out for our future stars to get their acts together?

A petiton from the affected athletes and their coaches?

There is a valuable lesson here for the young athletes, and you could say, this is what Philippine sports is all about.

When those in charge don’t do their jobs, everything is up to the athletes.

REMATCH.    More than a year after losing 3-0 to Kuwait, the Azkals will be up for a return bout against the Middle East team, now ranked 112 in the world tomorrow at 11 p.m. 
It’s going to be a totally different team and after that delightful draw against Bahrain, I’m positive that tonight’s game won’t be one-sided.

Against Kuwait, Neil Etheridge, who has extended his loan with Bristol Rovers until December, will be back for the team, along with Phil and James Younghusband.  With Dennis Wolf and Phil up front, would we have as many chances as we did against Bahrain?

I hope Wolf—after a few close misses against Bahrain—gets a goal this time.

That would do wonders for his confidence going into the Suzuki Cup.

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