Friday, October 26, 2012

A publicity stunt to save the UFL

This is a copy of Nomads coach Michael Denison's resignation letter.

Dear all.

I have been involved with football for over 40 years. Most of that time at a reasonable level. So I think I know what I am talking about.

There is  no doubt that Loyola are a fantastic team and play wonderful football. They deserved to win and congratulations.

It’s not just the penalty decision but it’s all kinds of small things that the officials are repeatedly letting go. It’s like we are playing different rules to the rest of the world.

I shout and get angry because it’s the same mistakes EVERY week. No one is doing any-thing about it. What is the point in having a 4th official and a referees assessor if the 3 officials make mistakes every game.

Why can’t someone say ah ok Mick you are correct and WE ARE WRONG instead of me being the stupid bad boy every week. I am ashamed of screaming abuse at Jerry and the others but they do NOTHING about it.

Seriously this is ridiculous now and some-one has to take control, listen to coaches, make changes and let coaches know that something is being done about it.

I have resigned as coach of Nomads FC today. The above is the main reason. I have had enough and I have not taken the decision lightly.

Kind regards,

Michael L Denison MLIA (dip) ICFA

I got a copy of his resignation letter and, it was one shrewd publicity stunt.  There were about hundreds of folks he sent the e-mail too, and if that's not a publicity stunt, I don't know what is.

But then again, there's a publicity stunt and there's a publicity stunt.

The problem about officiating in the UFL may not be just about the officiating in the UFL.  The UFL is under the NCRFA, which is, under the PFF.

Now, the PFF, which also holds national tournaments --because it's the national governing body--can get the best referees from each of its member provincial football associations to officiate in its matches.  And, if you get the best of each PFAs, you essentially get the best of all the refs in the country.

As for the UFL, this league only gets the referees in the NCRFA, and...

Publicity stunt or not, coach Denison's resignation, again highlights the officiating concerns in the UFL and these has to be solved.

Philippine football needs the UFL, and to succeed, the UFL needs the best officials in the country, not just the best of one PFA.

And coach Dennison’s resignation may be that push that’s needed.

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