Saturday, September 01, 2012

PFF Disciplinary Committee's puzzling move

So the PFF Disciplinary Committee threw out the sexual harrasment case against Lexton Moy and Angel Guirado, but has suspended the two, along with six others who were not the subject in the complaint?


Something doesn't quite add here.

The subjects of the complaint got a one-match ban, along with James Younghusband, the team captain for that match, while Dan Palami and coach Michael Weiss got a two-match ban for "failure of leadership."  Edzel Bracamonte got a one-match ban for the same thing.

Denis Wolf, whose well-admired chest started all of this, also got suspended though the report didn't say whether it was for one or two games and why. (I'm surprised Wolf wasn't banned forever from showing his chest, hereby sparking an lustful reaction from teammates)

Dan and Coach Weiss missed the match inspection, why, I don't know.  But this sanction tells the two that because they missed that, they're such a lousy bunch of leaders for the national team, whose members shouldn't be left unsupervised at all times.

And they're not and the national team members are not a bunch of kids.

Two-match ban for failure of leadership? 

For the head coach of a national team and the team manager, who is also in charge of his own UFL team, as well as the committee for all national teams in the PFF, that's got to hurt. They did all the right things and made all the right moves when the incident was reported.  Didn't Dan even apologize to Cristy on national TV?

Failure of leadership?

The article said, "Palami said he’s filing a “motion to stay execution of decision pending appeal.” And if my legal mumbo-jumbo is correct (I shouldn't have slept in all those Pol Sci classes), means Moy, Guirado, Younghusband, Dan and Coach Weiss should  be good to go for the next weeks friendlies because they are appealing the decision.

The decision, mind you, came some six months after the incident so the ban--or its lifting--should be decided in January next year.

But failure of leadership?   

I guess, the Disciplinary Committee felt it was their fault that the incident happened.

While I agree that Dan's or Coach Weiss's presence during the match inspection MAY have prevented such incident, but I don't think they deserve a two-match ban.

And certainly not for "failure of leadership."

And, I have to disagree, too, with Dan's request in his official statement when he said, "Please can we request everyone to be respectful in their communications about this and to allow the process to continue until
its full conclusion."

I understand that this is a senstive matter still under appeal, but a thing like this can stoke the passion in fans, and they really are a passionate bunch.

I think fans should talk, write, rant whatever they want regarding the decision because there are those who want to see Philippine football, the team, the coach and Dan Palami fail who are gloating because of this.

And if there's one thing I've learned, you can't stop passionate fans.

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