Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Azkals are Pinoys, get it?

I READ the comments section in Bob Guerrero's Passionate Fan entry, "Cut the boys some slack," in Yahoo, and damn, until now, some Pinoys still think the players in the Philippine national men's team are not Filipinos?

This from a country that hero-worshipped Jessica Sanchez a few months ago?

The two main points--1.) The players don't speak Tagalog. Well, Phil Younghusband does and if speaking Tagalog defines what a Filipino is then we've isolated, say, 80 percent of the country? I don't speak Tagalog, and if I happen
to visit Manila it's English here and there and alcohol-laced Tagalog.

I know a few folks who, when spoken to in Tagalog, use English or insist on talking Cebuano, they're not Pinoys, too?

2.) They can't sing the Lupang Hinirang. Here's a test for you. On your own, sing the national anthem and let's see if you can finish it.  I can't.  It's a strange thing, we can't remember the lyrics on our own, but sing it as a group, we'd all finish it.

Who was that singer who botched the anthem on live TV?

The Azkals are as Filipino as you and me, and if you still don't get it after all this time, perhaps, the problem is not with the team, but with you.

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