Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hotels near Cebu City Sports Center Part 1

SO, I finally checked some of the Hotels and pension houses near the Cebu City Sports Center and here are a few details.

1.) Elicon House (

Turista (Standard rates)
1 P550
2 P800
3 P1,050
4 P1,300
5 P1,550
6 P1,800
7 P2,050
8 P2,300

The staff was curteous, and they have a dining area and Wi Fi in the lobby only.  You may reserve your rooms through 032-255-0300, 032-255-0400 and 0917 622 1154.

I've had a few meals at their canteen and the staff has always been very courteous.  The owners, too, are big environment-friendly practices and if you decide to pick this place, reserve early as its a popular place for those on group tours.

2.) Honey Hunt House Pension (
1 P650
2 P750
3 P950
4 P1,200
5 P1,450
6 P1,650
7 P1,950

Met the owner (or was it the manager) and he said because Elicon doesn't have Wi Fi in their rooms, they decided to put up Wi Fi in their rooms. "Because we don't have a lobby and a dining area."

He said if you bulk-register, he may  give you a discount and he recommends the P1,200 room, which is good for four. I actually
got to see it, it's nice (but no window)--it has a matrimonial bed and a sofa bed for the third-wheel. I checked the bathroom and it was clean. I tried to take a foto but my Samsung phone, perhaps because of the Apple verdict, conks out every time I take a photo. The room I checked looks like the one captioned "rooms" in their website.

By the way, the place was built in 2008 but only started to operate in 2012. 

For reservations 032 254 4125, 0922 826 3488 (He recommends calling the cell as he himself will answer it).

3.) JL Suites (no website, not even a freakin' receptionist)
For a new hotel that I thought I'd highly reccommend, this was a disappointment. This 88-room anomaly doesn't ACCEPT any
reservations!  Only walk-ins.

Single P600
Double P700
Triple P900
Extra person P200

This place is about 500 meters away (straightline) from the venue. And when I told them what if my friends from
Manila want to book a room in advance? 

The woman behind the reception desk (they have a reception area, but not a receptionist) said, they call 520-5666, 520 6785)
on the day of their flight.


4.) LSI Pension House (just next to JL suites)
They only have 24 rooms and doesn't accept reservations too, just walk-ins.  The girls in the reception area actually
said, if you are a large party, better go to JL Suites)
Single P500
Double P600
Extra person P200
Number 256 2893

5.) Regal Pension House
single P400 (non aircon), P425 (with aircon) P500 (with TV)
Double standard P600 (with aircon), P675 (with TV)
Double deluxe    P650  (aircon), P725 (with TV)
Family P800

Another of those pension houses that list a number 255 6758, 255 6759 but doesn't accept any reservations. Didn't bother
asking about Wi-Fi.

6.)  Teo-Fel
Single Economy P500
Single standard P600
Double standard P750
Double deluxe P900*
Extra dude P200

Guy said the double deluxe is good for four persons--but that would be P900 plus rate of extra dudes.

032 253 2482, 253 2488. They said they will accept reservations and they have WiFi, but I doubt that because
the guy who was telling me they have Wi Fi couldn't even tell the difference between an e-mail and a website.  

All this Hotels are five minutes away from CCSC, and since this is a university area, there are a lot of cheap places 
where you can have a meal.  This area is also a 30 minute ride away from the Cebu Business Park (Ayala Center Cebu) and SM City
Cebu. Less than 30 if you take a cab.

The area is relatively safe, but you should take the usual precautions. It's near the red-light district in Cebu.

Here's a map:

First thing first, no the CCSC field doesn't look like anything in this Google map photo, it actually has a field.  All the pension houses listed are within this area. The CCSC is to the field, and the entrance is in that building with that blue roof. See that road? If you follow that straight to the corner to the third intersction (the one that's near the border of the photo), that's where JL Suites is (the new hotel that doesn't accept reservations). 

From that corner to the next intersection, that's where Elicon House is. And two buildings away from Elicon house, right next to the one with with the green roof is our office. That area in front of our office is where the girls for hire use to hang out.

If you require more, ahem, exquisite lodgings, I will try to drop by a few of the more expensive hotels in the next few days. By the way, I will be only checking hotels that are within walking distance from the CCSC.

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