Friday, August 31, 2012

Fair Play: Dan Palami and coach Weiss suspended?

Edit--Dan Palami will issue an official statement on shortly. Please check for it.  Some of the details in this redacted entry are wrong

(I decided to write a new Fair Play after I got an interesting call)
While football fans were busy passing the word around--the PFF Disciplinary Committee has cleared Angel Aldeguer and Lexton Moy of the sexual harrassment charges filed by match commissioner Cristy Ramos Jalasco--I got another call.

"There's good news and bad news," the caller said.

The good news, of course, is the decision on Moy and Aldeguer, which came some six months after the former Philippine Olympic Committee president filed her  complaint just hours after the Malaysia vs. Philippines friendly.

And the bad news?

A shocker from an incident that shocked Philippine football fans, when Matt Hartmann flew the coop during the Southeast Asian Games.

The PFF disciplinary committee has suspended six people for the Hartmann issue, I was told.

"Including Dan Palami and coach Michael Weiss."

Yes, I haven’t seen a copy and I just got a news from a source, but in this business, there are sources you trust and don’t trust. The caller was one of those reliable sources.

The sanction, I was told,  ranges from one to two games.

After hearing that, I tried calling up Dan to confirm the news but his cell phone was off.

The decision, I think, hasn't been released yet but I was told that the people concerned already know about it since they were talking about how the decision was worded meant there were a lot of room for an appeal.

An appeal for a decision that stemmed in a 2011 incident?

Good luck with that.

Though it is called the PFF Disciplinary Committee, it doesn’t mean that the PFF controls the committee as it is an independent group (Didn’t they also suspend Dan when he failed to answer Matt Hartmann’s accusations back in January?). And judging from how they come out with some of the latest decisions, the group operates under its own timeline and couldn’t care less what the PFF and its people are doing.

What the PFF and its people are “busy doing” of course, is the Paulino Alcantara Peace Cup, which is just three weeks away.

There’s also a series of friendlies too-- against Cambodia on Sept. 5, Singapore on Sept. 7 and Laos on Sept. 10.

Does that mean Palami and coach Weiss will be missing the Sept. 5 friendly in Singapore?  

Or, if it only covers PFF-organized matches, like the Paulino Alcantara Peace Cup in Manila next month, does that mean Dan and Coach Weiss are free to join the friendlies abroad?

I don’t think this will affect the Azkals preparation for the Paulino Alcantara Cup, as by the time the team returns to prepare for the tourney, Dan and Coach Weiss are not barred from continuing their duties as manager and coach.  Besides, if the suspension covers the friendlies abroad, it could also mean that they have served their sentence.

By the way, the Disciplinary Committee has, in the past, faced accusations of having bowed to the PFF and Dan Palami.  I think they have just shown that they are not afraid of anybody in the PFF.

Scary? Or is it how they should function?

PEACE CUP.  So, the postponement of the Rizal Memorial Stadium renovation has prompted the PFF to move the Paulino Alcantara Cup to Manila, so they can cut on costs.

That pissed off a lot of fans who have booked their tickets for Bacolod, the original venue, but the organizing committee is trying to mend that by offering fans who did, tickets to all Alcantara Cup matches.

That may not appease some fans who are still pissed but I think an Azkal jersey will really help appease them.

Am I right?

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