A call for help

WHEN you're fighting for survival, how trivial everything else seems to be.

Even sports.

Even that chase of that ever elusive Olympic gold.

Even the latest update of what the Azkals are up to, right now.

I spent almost the whole day yesterday--my day-off--glued to the TV, watching the various networks'
coverage of the flood and reading updates on twitter from friends, who a few days ago were all 
talking about the Olympics, the Azkals, Mark Barriga's loss.

Tweets that were replaced by calls for help and prayers.

There was Craig Burrows, the expat with the heart of gold who's spent most of his life helping Pinoys, who despite
losing his phone in the flood was still trying to coordinate rescue efforts.

There were countless other football friends who a week or two ago were tweeting about our Olympic campaign and prayers for our fellow Olympians but were now tweeting about much more important

The same guys who barely a year ago were spearheading the call for help for the victims of Sendong.

Watching the news and feeling so far away from where it is happening makes everything so surreal.  Makes you
feel helpless too.

If I had money, I would have donated some instantly.  But I don't.

But I realized, I am not entirely helpless and without resource.  I have this.  We all have this. An online presence.

And this I ask.  Let's help our brothers and sisters in Manila, they'd do the same thing for us.

How?  For those in Cebu, ABS CBN is accepting donations.  GMA, the Red Cross, too, have published how you can help.

So, let's help.


In whatever way we can.

We are not helpless if we help each other.

The gold medal can wait. The Azkals can wait.

Our brothers and sisters need help.

And we can.

So please, let's help?


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