Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Suzuki Cup draw

SINCE we are on pot no. 3, by the time whoever does the draw get to the third pot, the first two teams will be known and we'll either be
wishing that we get our name picked if there's an "easy" group in the first two draws.

The draw is pretty much straight forward, Thailand and Malaysia (Pot 1) will be separated, so too will Vietnam and Indonesia in Pot 2 and the 
Philippines and Singapore in Pot 3 and the two qualifiers in pot 4.

So before pot 3, the scenarios would be (1.) Thailand and Indonesia waiting for us, or (2.) Malaysia, Indonesia or 3 (Malaysia, Vietnam) or 4 
Malaysia Indonesia and I don't know about you but I'd like option 2--based on the friendlies we've had. Vietnam, despite losing to the Philippines in 2010 is still a very dangerous team.

Of course, we don't have much luck with the draw lately and here's what I got when I did an informal draw, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines and Qualifier 2 in Group A and Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Qualifier 1 in Group B.

I made my "pots." (No, not the one that made you say, "Duuuuude!")

And here's what I got:

And since two random events rarely occur in the same way (save for those Lucky Pick winners in the lottery), my tipsy crystal ball says--Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines and Qualifier 1 in one group and Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and Qualifier two in the other group.

Yeah, yeah, it's pretty stupid but I'm superstitious, and I happen to think that by picking "Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines and Qualifier 2," the football gods will prove me wrong and show otherwise.

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Wiking said...

LOL! Bored where ya Mike? Only a few hours more. I hope your logic proves correct!