Monday, July 30, 2012

36 join CFA seminar for referees

(This story came out in Sun.Star Cebu on July 30)
THE Cebu Football Association took the first step towards unifying the factions among the referees with the Referee Refreshers Course and Field Training seminar at the Cebu City Sports Center.

As the three-day workshop culminated yesterday, Philippine Football Federation Technical Director Daniel Estaniel and Referee Fitness Instructor Engr. Jaime Nicolau III commended the efforts of the CFA to bring together all local referees and update them with latest rules of the game.

“We conduct this regularly but it was the first time this was held here. At least with this, Cebu is now in good direction,” said Estaniel.

Estaniel, who is also the FIFA-AFC Regional Referee Instructor, facilitated the lectures for the 36 new and old officials who joined the seminar.

He brought in new teaching materials to orient the referees with the Fifa laws of the game such as the one followed in the recent 2010 World Cup.

In addition, he also trained them the methodology analysis on match incident situation by introducing them the use of video as a tool to improve decision-making and also discussed the Integrated Practical Training, which is a new method they are using in seminars.

“Nung nagsimula kami, parang nabaguhan pa sila as the days went by with the lectures and practical exams they have already improved,” said Estaniel.

Nicolau, on the other hand, is hoping those who attended the workshop will become the next Randy Estremos, the only Cebuano Fifa Referee to date.

“Medyo nawala rin yung Cebu sa limelight sa officiating, but ngayon I’m looking forward na magkaroon na ng Fifa Referee from Cebu FA,” said Nicolau.


Among the attendees, only Archie Reyes and Wilford Sabella have National 1 level in officiating while the returning Michael Culibra and Kurt Acre, who have the accreditation with the Reyes and Sabella, still have to activate its category after being inactive.

As Nicolau talked about the importance of fitness in officiating games, he taught them warm-up exercises and also medium to high intensity ones.

“A referee should be fit lalo na ngayon na mabilis na ang laro,” he said.

He suggested that every one month to two months, referees should meet for physical fitness exam.

CFA Referee Committee Head Rodney Orale who took it as a challenge in accepting this role in the board was happy that the participants had keep an open mind on the activity.

“I was challenged how to unite or make a group or committee that will oversee Cebu football and knowing that there are groups and factions I was happy to have reach this number of attendees including the returning ones,” he said.

“Nalipay ko na nitabang sila namo and nahatagan gamay na pagtagad ang Cebu on officiating,” he added.

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