Tuesday, June 19, 2012

PFF finally recognizes new CFA board

The Philippine Football Federation has recognized the newly elected board members of the Cebu Football Association, three months after their elections.

In a letter to the CFa by PFF secretary general Atty. Roland Tulay, the PFF said the recognition of the officers is "without prejudice to the resolution of the letter-protests on the results of the election."

The protests were filed by Don Bosco Magone FC's Eugene S. Ynclino IV, University of San Jose-Recoleetos's Rommel Ramirez and Don Bosco Technological Center's Claudith Zapanta.

In their protest, they contended that the elections shouldn't have gone through because of the lack of qourum and the failure to identify which club had the right to vote.

The letters, except the one by Eugene S. Ynclino IV, are attached here. Ynclino's letter is in PDF format, and I can't upload it on photobucket.

(Update: There is no need to upload Ynclino's letter as I realize there is only one protest and Ramirez's and Zapanta's letter is an exact copy--word for word--of the first protest. Interesting isn't it?

By the way, in case you get confused, the former board member in the CFA iS Eugene S. Ynclino III.

Here's a copy of Ramirez's and Zapanta's protest: 

Here's the letter of the PFF to the CFA:

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