Friday, June 22, 2012

A few points about sharing stories from this blog

IF you were surprised with the disclaimer I had on the Azkals vs. Thailand report the other day, please don't.  

I had to do that because it was a report--and I no longer write that many reports--for my paper that was yet to be filed, and I've always told my staff not to reveal in social media, what you are about to write. (In my defense, though, two writers from another paper were present in the meeting, so it wasn't much of a secret already).

So, what's my take on sharing? This is the Internet, and anything goes actually, but here's my requests.

If you "copy-paste" my articles, please acknowledge the source with a link.  Or even, better, do it the way does it, by just posting the first few paragraphs and the link.  Coming up with an original story is a whole lot harder than copy-pasting stories.

Exceptions, of course, for, they have my permission to post entire article since the site started.  Ditto with all forum users of, posting an entire article in a forum to spur a discussion is a whole lot different from copying an article just so your site will have content. The guys at soccercentral, themselves a victim of "copy-pasters" can relate.

And also with the fan pages--official or not--I've never objected in them sharing my articles, even those that has a disclaimer.  Sharing in Facebook isn't the same with the blogs, websites, because you don't post the whole article in the page, but you refer a link.


Thanks for reading.

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