Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Fair Play: Finally, CFA board gets PFF's nod

NOW that they are recognized by the PFF, CFA officers led by Ricky Dakay and fellow sportswriters Nimrod Quinones and Rico Navarro the blessing to do their job.

It is interesting, too, to finally read the protest filed against the CFA because, well, it kind of shows the hand behind all of these.  There were two protests, signed by representatives of Don Bosco Magone, mailed on April 21, and by representatives of Don Bosco Technological Center and the University of San Jose-Recoletos Alumni, signed on May 28.

It was just one letter sent twice, five weeks apart and sandwiched by the CFA's own letter to the PFF announcing the new officers.

You could say there's there's one just one hand behind the letters but the protest had genuine concerns, one that should be addressed lest CFA faces a similar issue four years from now.

Who has the right to vote in the CFA election?

I hope those who sign up for the CFA membership this year take that seriously because it wouldn't seem right for a club to sign up for membership, only during election year and disappear in between, right?

Now that this issue has been resolved, I think it's time for the new board to meet the community, right? Let's hear what they have planned for Cebu football.

CESAFI RESIDENCY. I’m not sure but if the two-year residency in the Cesafi applies to high school sports, but if does, it means the league show little concern for high school athletes.

A sophomore transferring school will have his Cesafi career basically over under the new set-up, but sophomores and juniors will still transfer schools because, sometimes, whether you play or not is not the reason.

This proves, too, that for Cesafi high school teams, the league should be the least of their priority when it comes to recruiting players, the Cebu City Olympics, Milo Olympics, and even the Aboitiz Cup, should be top of the list.

As it is, the Cesafi is a dead-end league with high school champions going nowhere, the latest rule only prods athletic directors to completely ignore the league when they are doing their long-term programs.

As a 12-year-old league, I think the Cesafi can come up with more meaningful changes than barring opportunities for students, don’t you think?

It’s time to think out of the box.

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