Friday, June 01, 2012

Fair Play: Cebu's busiest park for health buffs

(This is the draft of my Fair Play column for Sun.Star Cebu)
I FOUND veteran runner Joy Polloso’s statement that folks are getting bored with road runs that they are starting to join other activities really funny.

Joy, who is now into ultra-marathons (yep, for extreme guys and girls like them, a 42K is just another long run), said during the press conference for Cebu Ultra-runners Club’s 100K—the first of three, mind you—“ If you may observe, dili na kaayo daghan ang mga running events compared in the previous years.”
What’s funny with that? Well because I’m still stuck with the road-running phase and haven’t even gone to the off-shoots—the trail running, triathlons or ultras.

Six months ago, I joined my first 21K in the Cebu City Marathon, finishing the event in a little over three hours and since then, I’ve spent a grand total of about 20 hours jogging, a far-cry from my four-hour, weekly routine going to the CCM.

I could probably cite a few reasons—the weather, closure of the CCSC, lack of time, Azkals matches—but the simple reason is I got lazy. And that makes what guys like Joy, who are now into these ultras, do even more impressive for me.

Haide Acuna, her with the 160K badge on her belt, told me that if I plan to run the 42K in next year’s CCM, now is the perfect time to start training again.

There’s the DYAB Kapamilya Run in a few weeks’ time and, if ever I get to convince myself, I’ll probably sign up for the short categories. It would be a welcome change. I remember covering the press conference for the first—or was it the second—back in 2000, and then, not too many folks were into the craze.

Now, we are into 100-kilometer races?


By the way, Joy is also connected with Ayala Center Cebu and I’m really pleased with the way Ayala’s attitude has shifted when it comes to folks using the open spaces at the Cebu Business Park for exercise.

I remember when I was college freshman and me and my friends were looking for an open space to play football, we went to Ayala, and brought a ball to have a kick-around.

And, some 30 minutes later, a gun-toting guard in his motorcycle went zooming and shooed as away.

“No playing allowed,” he said.

We were so bummed that day and we all thought all those open space was a waste, and besides, what would a simple kick-around do to harm them?

Now, it’s a totally different thing. The guards are there to secure you if ever you decide to have a simple three-on-three footie with friends at CBP.

If you visit Ayala at night, it’s a bee-hive of sports activities.  I went there a few weeks ago and there were people from all walks of life jogging, biking, running, playing rugby, football and even Frisbee.

Just a few years ago, you wouldn’t feel safe walking at the Cebu Business Park at night, but these days, you know nothing will happen to you because you are with like-minded folks.

Ayala, too, has been gracious enough to station a few guards at the area every night, and making you feel more at ease.

And, did I mention that training or playing at the Cebu Business Park is free?

I hope, it continues that way so the CBP will be now known as Cebu’s Busiest Park.

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Azkaholic Anonymous said...

goin for the big U, mike? it's longer when you hit the wall in ultras, mike. but the finish line is sweeter.