Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tips: What to put in your blog

If you run a blog for your local FA (unofficial or not) there are a lot of stuff you can use for material.  If your FA or team is joining a tournament, you can put up updates of their games, or even announcement of tryouts, team lineups or meetings.

Always remember to include all the details if you come out with announcements for tryouts, meetings or even tournaments so your audience (players, fans) will know where to go.

If you get tired writing stuff, you can upload photos of your team (just acknowledge the source, it it’s not yours). Photos are very helpful, pre 2010, when all I wrote mostly was about Cebu news, I had more hits when I posted fotos than match reports.

And with Facebook today, sharing fotos becomes easier.

Once you get the hang of it, updating your blog with original content becomes easier. And whenever you update your blog, remember your target audience, it’s nice to share a few stories about the Azkals or your favorite UFL team once-in-a-while, but if you keep on doing that, your blog will just be like the thousands out there.

Come up with original content for your FA/team, then in a few months or so (depending on how aggressive you promote your blog) you are going to start having an audience.

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