Friday, May 04, 2012

Fair Play: Will UFL hold Global vs. Stallions match in Cebu?

HOW hard is it to follow simple instructions?  Apparently, for a few users of the Cebu City Sports Center, it’s pretty darn hard.

The first rule—which is posted in numerous notices around the oval and even before you get there—says lanes 1 and 2 are not to be used.

I guess, aside from the notices in English, Ricky Ballesteros and the CCSC should come with notices—in man-sized font—in Bisaya?  To be fair, though, majority of the patrons heeded the rules, and those who were advised by Reming Ylaya to follow them, did so.

I saw a few elite athletes training, too, and I think they have it better under the new set-up.  Before, they had to share lanes 1 and 2 with some strays, but now, they have the two half-moons all for themselves.

But one group that I’m sure that wouldn’t be happy with the new rules is those that play football regularly at the other half-moon. However, this is one case that I think the CCSC is justified.

The oval, more specifically, the half-moon wasn’t built for a football match and to be honest, some of the guys who play footie there haven’t exactly endeared themselves to the joggers and CCSC management with their stray balls and stubbornness.

Now, the question is, can they have their fill when the field gets done in a few months?  That will all depend on what the CCSC plans for its field.  If it wants to preserve it for showpiece events, then it has to limit its use, but if CCSC wants the field to be just a field, then, by all means, let the field players—footballers, flag footballers, rugby and Frisbee players—share it.

Speaking of the field, Ricky Ballesteros said he’s called the contractor and they were given the OK to use it for one day in June.

Just one day for a footie event? Well, fret not because this could be something.  I contacted a few folks involved in the one-day match and they are either unable to get back with me before I wrote this early yesterday, or have asked me to keep things under wraps as they are still in the planning stage.

But I could add two and two and make four.

Last week, I asked Ricky if the UFL could use it for May 19, which he said is impossible. But June 17 is doable.

June 17 is the second to the last week of the UFL season and who’s playing on that day in Manila? It's Cebu vs. Forza and Pasargad vs. Kaya and Philippine Navy vs. Loyola in Division 1.  I think it’s safe to say Cebu vs. Forza will be played here, unless they change it with the Cebu vs. Agila match on June 24.

As for Division 1? (Of course, if the UFL will hold a Division 2 game here, they might as well take advantage by having a first-division match).  The first-division games on June 17 aren’t that exciting, but one June 16 match is sure is explosive—Global FC vs. Stallions Gilligans.

Prior that, the Stallions last match would be against the Nomads on May 23 and its next would be against Kaya on June 23. For Global, it’s the May 19 game against Loyola before the June 23 match against the Air Force.  So, moving their June 16 game to June 17 shouldn't pose a problem.

These are all just speculations but, if I still had my Farmtown, I’m willing to bet my farm we’re going to see Global vs. Stallions in Cebu on June 17.


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ceburoo said...

If that happens then that should just about fill the former Cebu City Dust Bowl. That woujld be an exciting football event for Cebu