Saturday, May 19, 2012

Fair Play: Prior commitments? Really?

SO Phil and James Younghusband are going to miss the June 1 friendly against Malaysia because of “prior commitments.”

Now that’s interesting.

The calendar for the friendlies was released months ago, and even I know that the Philippines was going to have a series of friendlies in June and unless the “prior commitment” was signed before the dates for the friendlies was announced, then that’s understandable.

But if it wasn’t, then that makes you want to ask, are Phil and James pulling their weight?  No, it’s not a question about their commitment to the national squad because when the Azkals have a tournament, they show up.

But they could have avoided the conflict of schedule if they wanted to, or did they think that when it was announced the Philippines was going to have a friendly on June 1, that it was one of those things that shouldn’t be taken seriously?

Oh well, I think this is why Dennis Wolf, and even Freddy Gonzales got in the picture.  If we can get strikers who can do as well, or even better, and are more, shall we say "available" we will no longer have these prior commitments issue.

Anyway, here’s a couple of good news, for the Pinoys based in Chicago and those who know how to design a uniform. 

On Aug. 10 to 25, the Azkals will have a training camp in Chicago, as part of their preparation for the Suzuki Cup, and they will have a series of friendly, one against Chicago’s MLS team and a national team—which, at the moment could be Puerto Rico, Belize or the US Virgin Islands.

The players based in Europe will all be there as it’s easier for them to fly to the US than to the Philippines and as it is, it’s part of the Suzuki Cup preparation so for sure, they’ll try their best to avoid any ahem, prior commitments?

Now for the guys who love to design a uniform, here’s your chance.  Come up with your best design—or a couple—and pay attention to the next announcement from the men’s team management because they are going to have a design contest for the next kit, which will be provided by some company that has a big cat for logo. (Yep, Mizuno is out and because of their incompetence in providing fans the jersey, I say it’s not a loss).

The contest isn’t for the best uniform, but is expected to be for the best concept as the kit providers will be bringing in their designers and would be incorporating a hodgepodge of the submitted designs.

And the prize? Well, a signed jersey (the new one) for the winner but there’s an even suggestion, the new jersey will be named after the winning designer. Say, if I Juan dela Cruz won it, it would called be the (name of new kit provider) Dela cruz edition.

That’s something, isn’t it?

What else did I miss?

Oh yes, the money the Azkals and the PFF are getting.  Endorsements from Cortal and Smart, and that deal with ABS-CBN—what was it? P300 million?—that’s a lot, right.

There’s a lot of money coming in that, it seems, there’s some backdoor channeling, asking where these are all going through?

I agree. We should know where all of these are going. So, in the next PFF Board of Governors meeting, I hope someone will be brave enough to ask Dan Palami or Nonong Araneta, “where do all these money go?”

I think, that would be an interesting affair.

Asking Dan and Nonong face-to-face, is a whole lot better than going through the old rumor mill, sowing intrigue or so and so don’t you think?

If you want to know something, go ask the guy at the proper forum? That is if you have the balls to do what you want others to do—be transparent.

What else did I miss?

Oh yeah, I wouldn’t bet on seeing Aly Borromeo, Jason Sabio, Lexton Moy in the June friendlies, too. It’s not a conflict of schedule thing, it’s a conflict of some other thing that…
But I hope I’m wrong.  



Andre said...

can people here in the philippines also design a kit for the philippine national team? and where can we post our entry?

wandering-much said...

My eyebrows rose when I heard about the prior commitments. I'm just hoping that this opportunity will make others shine and bring about stiff competition in the Azkals lineup.