Fair Play: let's heed CCSC appeal for oval

AFTER spending some P40 million for the new track at the Cebu City Sports Center, manager Ricky Ballesteros is asking for a little help from the public to help maintain the facility.

And, one of the new rules Ricky wants implemented is to bar anyone—athletes, joggers, students—from using lanes 1 and 2 as Ricky wants the two preserved for competitions.

That rule is an easy one to heed for the weekend warriors, as majority of them have always used the outer lanes, giving the elite athletes almost exclusive use of the inner lanes.

But a few elite athletes are crying foul, saying the new rules would hamper their training, cause injuries through collisions, etcetera.

To be perfectly blunt about it, they sound like spoiled brats.

Being able to train for free at the CCSC should be concession enough for our elite athletes, who have, I must say, ruled like gods in the previous oval, shooing away clueless ladies and folks from the sanctum of their inner lanes in the dead oval.

And if you want a bigger picture, back in the dead oval, it was a case of a mere hundred getting preference over the thousands of users who made it possible for our elite athletes to have a facility to train at, for free.

So now that we have a new oval, a little thank you, and a little concession, this time, from our elite athletes, is a whole lot better than hearing them whine about how they have to mingle with the weekend warriors when they train.

Come to think of it, I haven’t heard of a weekend warrior causing injury to an elite runner (there may be some) but I sure have hell heard of a careless elite runner, leaving a hurdle behind after his/her training session, resulting to Reming Ylaya’s broken arm.

Aside from the elite runners, I think the “elite weekend runners clique,” too, should be a lot more considerate and stop their practice of forming a group that occupies six lanes and push anyone aside who can’t match their pace.

Kinsa man na silang mga hambogero-a! Di nako mubalik diri!” I heard one lady runner say. She was pissed because in the process of getting pushed aside, the man’s arm grazed her breasts a second too long.

So, let’s take care of the new oval, shall we? And let’s take care, too, of the running atmosphere at the oval. To the elite and feeling elite runners, the oval wasn’t built for you, you know. So, be considerate to the rest who just want a few minutes to exercise.


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