Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Fair Play: Sun.Star Cebu to try new role in Cebu f'ball

(This is the draft of my Fair Play column for Sun.Star Cebu on April 26)
FROM just reporting about the latest football events, Sun.Star Cebu, as part of our 30th anniversary, will wear a new hat this year, by organizing our own football festival.

And, depending on the reception of the community, it could be an annual event.

The focus will be on the kids, so there might not be any men’s and ladies open and the 30-above divisions, but, based on the few ideas being thrown. This is going to be a different kind of tournament.

I was asked to help run the tournament but despite the years covering football, I have no experience in running one so I told our marketing division to get the most experience guy there is, Neil Montesclaros, whose football festival rules have been adopted by almost all festivals here.

The tentative date is still the final weekend of August, so just wait for the final announcement, which should come soon.

I asked Dan Palami if he and some of the Azkals could drop by for the tourney and he said that as long as they’re free, they’d gladly do so.  I’ve also asked the UFL if they could get involved by selling some of their merchandise for Cebu fans and Santi Araneta said they’re willing.

Though I won’t be involved in the running of the event, I may still have a few says and since I want to make sure the event would be different from other festivals, I’ve suggested a few ways to get the crowd involved, too.

There will be a few contests for the audience—one copied from Queen City’s Christmas party practice where they hang prizes in the goal and who ever hits it, gets it.  For the games-savvy, I’ve suggested a Fifa contest, a challenge-the-winner type, and if the Azkals do join, perhaps, an exhibition game in the second day involving them and the first day MVPs.

As for MVPs, they might not get any trophies this year, but perhaps, signed jerseys from their favorite UFL clubs or Azkals players.

And since the focus will be the youth, the technical committee and Sun.Star Cebu might put emphasis on player safety and ask that the refs be a lot stricter when it comes to hard fouls.  The refs, too, are often the most neglected in a festival, so I’ve asked that we spoil them, big time.

And yes, you might see the Blue-Haired Fanatic, too, doing his thing.
So, watch out for it. The Sun.Star Cebu Football Cup is coming to town.

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