Fair Play: CFA and Mike Tyson

(This is the draft of my Fair Play column for Sun.Star Cebu on April 14)
BASED on the initial talks I had with a member of the Cebu Amateur Football Club, the group is aware that their getting the majority of the seats in the Cebu Football Association Board of Directors has led to fears that the CFA will just be focused on CAFC concerns to the detriment of others.

A valid fear but the group is bent on uniting the different factions of the community and one of the club's first steps is to consider Ricky Dakay, Raffy Musni, Glenn Quisido and other CAFC guys in the new board as having resigned from their CAFC posts.

They also want to reach out to the other groups and are looking at getting them involved in the different committees.  Let's face it, each of the factions have worthy people who should be involved in the sport and i think its time they sit together for the sport.

I just hope that whoever is invited to join the committees will be willing to serve and share their visions.

I think that shows how eager the new board is to serve. They're supposed to have their first official meeting on May 1, but this early they are already mapping out plans for the CFA.

I hope they won’t lose such zeal for football.

The first tournament under the new board will be CAFC’s interclub next month and the new board's impartiality will be tested. In the past, Glenn, Ricky and Raffy were closely involved in the running of the tournament as CAFC officers.

For this year’s edition, will they still be hands-on in the running of the tournament?  Or will they be closely involved as CFA representatives?

A major tournament like the CAFC interclub, I think, would benefit greatly if it’s backed by the CFA, something that wasn’t possible in previous years.

Aside from that, the new board is looking at putting up an office at the Cebu City Sports Center, to make it accessible for the community, and is planning to hire a sec-gen who will work full time for the CFA.

By the way, before the interclub kicks off, I hope the disciplinary and appeals committees of the CFA will be in place because I think it’s about time the CFA cracks the whip on violent players.

Too often in the past few tournaments, you hear horror stories of players punching referees and I tell you, players like them have no place in Cebu football.

If these brutes want to channel their inner Gary St. Pierre, there's Sir Ekin Caniga’s Ground-and-Pound championships, where the other guy is allowed to fight back.

Do it against a ref in football and I hope the CFA will throw the book, the kitchen sink and the dryer at you.

While I sympathize with some teams and players who get suspended for other infractions and such, I offer no sympathies to those who get suspended for violence.

More kids are getting into the sport and a tournament is fast becoming a family affair again. Letting a few men ruin the sport by letting them get away with violence is a major step backward.

That’s why the two committees are important. One to inform the players of their infractions, and two, to give them an avenue for an appeal. That way, they can’t cry they were treated unfairly should they decide to go Mike Tyson--the fearsome one, not the bankrupt version--on the pitch.


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