Thursday, March 15, 2012

PFF files compalint vs. Clavio's 'racist remarks'

THE Philippine Football Federation has filed a complaint against GMA 7 anchor Arnold Clavio for what it deemed as “racist, libelous and discriminatory statements” uttered during his morning show Unang Hirit on March 13.
On March 13, the morning before the Philippines semis-clinching 2-1 win over Tajikistan in the Challenge Cup, Clavio, together with co-host Rhea Santos, Connie Sison and Lyn Ching Pascual, were discussing the sexual harassment complaint filed by Cristina Ramos on Angel Guirado and Lexton Moy.

Clavio said, “Hindi naman kayo Pilipino, nagpapanggap lang kayong kayumanggi. Hindi kayo dito lumaki.”

The PFF said Clavio’s declarations that the members of the Philippine men’s football team “are not Filipinos” and “are only pretending to be Filipinos” was libelous and defamatory. The PFF said the statements are “of a racist nature and constitute malicious, contemptous, discriminiatory and denigratory remarks concering race and origin that offend the dignity of the Filipino players.”

The PFF pointed out that the members of the national team who are based abroad either have a mother or a father who is Filipino and are qualified to play for the national team.

“Clavio made it appear that PFF has selected persons who are not Filipino citizens to be members of and play for the Philippine national team.  This subjects all Philippine national teams (not only the men’s national team) to doubts by international organizations, spectators and opposing national teams as to the Filipino citizenship and therefore eligibiliy of the Philippine team players,” the PFF wrote in the complaint signed by president Mariano V. Araneta and Edwin B. Gastanes

In an earlier statement released before the complaint was filed, Clavio said in Tagalog, “I am saddened by the negative reactions to my comments regarding the Philippine Azkals’ sexual harassment complanint by Cristy Ramos...If I have used words that were not suitable, I humbly ask for your understanding.”

In their letter, the PFF is asking for the appropriate sanctions on Clavio and that he, or GMA 7, rectify his remarks agaisnt the national team and that he issue a written apology to the PFF and the Philippine national men’s team that should be read and given prominence in Unang Hirit.”

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