Saturday, March 03, 2012

Investigation won't be over before Challenge Cup

(This is a draft of my report for Sun.Star Cebu on March 3)
THOUGH she filed a complaint with the Asian Football Confederation (AFC), match commissioner Christy Ramos said she doesn’t expect it will lead to any suspension or penalty before next week’s Challenge Cup in Nepal.

AFC is the organizer of the Challenge Cup, where the Philippines made the main draw for the first time.

“Of course they have to evaluate the merits of my complaint. They will have to investigate both sides.  Investigation will take time,” Ramos told Sun.Star Cebu.

The Philippine team is now in Nepal and is busy acclimatizing for their Challenge Cup matches against defending champions North Korea, and former champions India and Tajikistan.

Ramos, who has been involved with the U20 Women's world Cup in Germany, the U17 Women's World Cup in Trinidad and Tobago as well as the Asian Games, said she hopes the complaint will teach the men's football team to be more respectful of match officials.

“I would like to think that the players have better sense and will behave properly. They have a large following--from babies to lolas/lolos--and they are expected to be proper role models. They have to realise that there is an obligation which goes with being a national team member," said Ramos, who pointed out her duties require her to “remain objective and take all necessary action to retain the highest level of integrity and credibility.”

 “What happened was highly improper and the conduct of the players was very unbecoming. They were disrespectful to a match official and that is undermining the authority of the Match Commissioner,” she said.

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Azkaholic Anonymous said...

i dont know what to say except that the frikin azkals front office or PR or "damage control" personnel in the organization clearly didn't do their job. if ramos is legit, she has a point especially in the area of morality and correct image platform. somebody needs to school these kids with cultural norms and all that stuff. we don't need this!