Saturday, March 17, 2012

GMA tells PFF: Clavio comments are fine by us

SO GMA 7, that station that touts "serbisyong totoo" has said its piece on the Arnold Clavio issue. Saying that it didn't find anything offensive in Clavio's statement "Di kayo Filipino, nagpapangap lang kayo na kayumanggi," GMA said it was part of the unscripted portion of Unang Hirit and that the hosts were just expressing their opinions.

And of course, according to GMA 7, the hosts' opinions, and their right to say it, are protected by the constitution.


Using GMA’s twisted logic, folks are justified to say that Arnold Clavio is a fat bigot who preys on rape victims because he's so ugly he has to pay women to screw him and they’d  get away with it because it is their opinion on an issue and such opinions are protected by the constitution.
Really, GMA?

The constitution was never a license to be boorish or racist.  Besides, there is such thing as responsible journalism and the freedom of the press is not about the freedom to speak bigoted statements.

Really, GMA?

It's OK because it was the unscripted part of the program when the hosts were saying their piece?

This from a station that filed a P100-million libel complaint against Erwin Tulfo of ABS CBN for an unscripted comment?
Why were Erwin Tulfo's comments worth a P100 million libel complaint and why were  Arnold Clavio's suddenly constitutionally-protected comments that aren't libelous?

Oh yeah, Erwin Tulfo called you a bunch of thieves because you stole the ABS CBN feed on the Pinoy hostage in Iraq's homecoming and made it appear as your own.

Serbisyong totoo? Magnanakaw pala ng signal,” Erwin Tulfo said in his unscripted comments over TV Patrol and you answered, not with a complaint, but with a P100 million libel complaint.

This time, when it's your anchors who are accused of libelous comments you say it is OK because the comments are unscripted, they are their opinion and as such, they should be protected by the constitution?

Eh? What are you smoking?

I've never had any formal training in journalism, but what little knowledge I have, I know that I have to be careful with my opinion pieces because your opinions should show your integrity, class and what kind of journalist you are.

Nothing racist with Clavio's comments?

Hindi kayo Filipino, nagpapanggap lang kayo na kayumanggi.”

Who are you fooling?

Nothing racist about a guy saying the players representing the Philippines aren’t Filipinos because they are not brown and weren’t raised here?

It’s obvious that GMA will back Clavio and that they will side with him, hoping that this issue will die down.

So we won’t let it die down.

I hope the players, too, won’t let it die down.

Neil Etheridge, that Fulham keeper who has fought for this country since 2008, isn’t a Filipino according to Clavio. He’s just a pretender.
I hope Neil and his mom answer with a libel complaint filed in England against Clavio. So should Rob Gier, Phil and James Younghusband and Chris and Simon Greatwich. So should Jason de Jong, Paul Mulders in the Netherlands, Carli de Murga, Angel and Juani Guirado in Spain, Lexton Moy, Nate Burkey, Aly Borromeo, Jason Sabio and Anton del Rosario in the US, Stephen Shrock, Roland Muller and Dennis Wolf in Germany, Dennis Cagara in Denmark.

Nothing racist about Clavio’s comments? Let’s ask the judges of the countries where our players were raised by their Filipino parents.

Nothing wrong with Arnold Clavio’s statements? Seriously?

Again, this is not about sexual harassment. Any journalist and pseudo journalist out there are entitled to say their piece on the issue.

This is about racism and about Arnold Clavio crossing the line.

NEW COUNTDOWN. It has been four days since Arnold Clavio’s racist comments were aired on GMA 7 and one day since GMA 7 said there was nothing wrong.

Arnold Clavio and GMA, I introduce you to the wrath of the football world.


QnX said...

PFF should now file a case in court against GMA-7 as they do not find anything wrong with what their Unang Hirit host commented.

Brown Mitsuko said...

With you on this- Losing all my respect for this station. I wont say much anymore, I think I have ranted to last me a lifetime- but so much for serbisyong totoo at walang kinikilingan- so much for having some of the best Journalists in the country that I admire the most- THIS One bigot just had to do it for me- that recent statement was hard to take coming from such a big and respected network. One bad egg like that clown can totally ruin a reputation. YOU have some of the best in the field, why stick it up with someone who is unbelievably arrogant.

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arielle-cruz said...

Congratulations, GMA. You've just made a million more Filipinos more ignorant and intolerant of other cultures and races— not to mention our own.

cul_jah said...

"... I introduce you to the wrath of the football world." - love this one!!!

JewelsHRH said...

Another good read from Mike Limpag! :)Nice one Mike! :)
need more blogs like this to push GMA7 on the cliff's edge!
get on with that countdown!