Thursday, January 12, 2012

UFL grants Cebu Queen City a Sinulog break

(This story by Cheska D. Geli will come out on Sun.Star Cebu on Jan. 13)
THE United Football League (UFL) executive committee has finally approved Cebu’s Queen City United request to have its opening match in the UFL second division rescheduled.

That was after the committee received the revised letter from the club yesterday and responded to it right away with another letter approving the rescheduling of the game this Saturday to Jan.  21.

Days before the UFL schedule was released last Jan. 9, QCUFC called UFL assitant technical director Richie Gannaban and asked him for a change of schedule in their games as the dates fall during the Sinulog celebration and the Rizal Football Association Cup.

But during that time when Queen City contacted him, Gannaban had already submitted the draft of schedule to the executive committee for approval. It was also that time that Gannaban and some members of the executive committee were busy with the Sendong charity game and Sinulog Festival of Football so when the schedule  was released, QCUFC was still slated to have its second division debut this Saturday.

That surprised QCU president Glenn Quisido and Gannaban advised the club to write a formal letter of their request.

“I told them the proper way to do it because it (schedule) was still not yet final,’ said Gannaban.

The UFL committee received a letter from the club sent on the same day initially addressed to Gannaban but the UFL requested for another letter asking for further explanation.

“The first letter had no explanation why they can’t play on Jan. 14 and 15, so I told them to make another letter with an explanation and address it to the executive committee and not to me,” said Gannaban.

It was only yesterday morning when QCUFC sent the revised letter of appeal and the UFL executive committee approved it right away.

“Initially, there was no response because we were waiting for the revised letter that should have their explanation. We did not deny them,” he said. 

Quisido thanked the UFL executive committee for understanding the team’s situation.

“We thank them because they were able to understand us. They know how football has been growing here in Cebu when they went here last weekend,” said Quisido.

Gannaban said that there was no miscommunication between QCUFC and UFL and he said the UFL is even considering holding some its matches here.

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