Thursday, January 12, 2012

Fair Play: Yep, bigger Prizes for top Pinoy runners

I AGREE, there should be more prizes for the best performing Pinoys in races that have Kenyans, just to, as what one local elite runner said, “compensate them for their efforts.”

But why limit it to local elites, though?

If organizers do that, they should also reward the best weekend warriors. I mean, it’s these guys who made running as successful as it is, the guys and girls who allowed local elite runners to make running a livelihood. So let’s reward them, too, for their efforts.

The African runners keep hogging the prizes, right? We don’t want that. That’s why organizers should also offer an award for the top 20 oldest runners! If it’s only the oldest, then we already know who wins it, right? And it’s not fair! Fifty-year-olds who join runs should be compensated, too! And the best-dressed award? More prizes for up to the 13th-best dressed runner to stop one girl from hogging the prize.

I mean, that’s only fair. Instead of pushing other runners to come up with the best outfits, we should reward them for mediocrity.

And since it’s not only the local elite runners who pay up to P1,200 in registration fees, let’s make everybody happy and come up with prizes for everybody!

And speaking of everybody, why limit prizes to runners, though? Who more than deserves to get the lion’s share of the pot money? The guys who have fun on the road? Or the guys who labor to make sure folks have fun on the road? The medics, volunteers, water boys and girls, cops, traffic personnel, trash collector and time keepers, they more than deserve it.

 You know what? I think the Philippine Sports Commission and the Philippine Olympic Committee should support this move. It’s the best way to end our Olympic gold medal drought—we should demand that the guys we can’t beat in boxing, taekwondo, swimming, and even athletics, be barred.

Crazy? Nope, it’s just as logical as offering more prizes for the top Pinoy runners so those who can’t beat the best can whine their way to the bank.

But one thing though, instead of asking for these “top Pinoy prizes,” don’t you think it makes more sense if they ask organizers to offer double the first prize money to anybody who can set the Philippine record in their event?

We are, after all, talking about the top Pinoy runners and not the best Pinoy loser.

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