Fair Play: Let's bring a pal to Azkal friendly

(This is the draft for my Fair Play column for Sun.Star Cebu on Dec. 29)
AT 4 p.m. on Jan. 7 next year, the Philippine Azkals will face Spain’s CF Madrid team in a charity match aimed to raise funds for victims of Typhoon Sendong.

The match, dubbed “Dili kamo nag-iisa,” is meant to highlight the country coming together to help our brothers and sisters in Mindanao by raising funds and gathering donation for them.

The move, interestingly enough, started on a tweet, which was soon picked up by the movers of Philippine football and the United Football League who got together to make it a reality.

Let’s do our part and show them that they, indeed, are not alone?

By the way, why the mish-mash of Bisaya and Tagalog in Dili kamo nagiisa? I think it’s rather obvious, isn’t it? I’m sure, if it was possible, the organizers would have a mish-mash of all Philippine dialects, but that really, isn’t possible.

Now back to the friendly, which will have friendly prices.

Tickets are priced between P100 to P500, but organizers are hoping that those who can afford to pay more will.

“That way they are a real donation for the victims but affordable as well. However if you can pay more please consider making a donation,” one of the organizers, Craig Burrows, posted in his Facebook account.

In a year that saw the cheapest football tickets go from P200 to P2,000—just a year after when it was considered obscene to pay for a PH football game—I hope fans will come in droves.

I’m sure they will, because we can always rely on the footie fans to support the Azkals but this time, I hope the veteran supporters of the team will bring in the newbies.

Let’s bring a pal, shall we?

Not just for the game at the Rizal Memorial Stadium, but for public viewings for fans outside Manila.

I know Na Ning will be showing the game in Tacloban; so too, would Bacolod’s Dugout.

In Cebu, we have the Azkals Sports Bar and Grill, whose owners—Helga and JM Javier –have promised to give half of their earnings for the night to charity.

Everything is set.

The only thing needed is for fans to fill the stands and the public viewing places.

So, let’s show up, shall we?

A good match, a chance to have a great time and you get to help our brothers and sisters, too.

What’s not to like?

Jan. 7 makes for a great post-holiday gathering.


jonny said…
Who is playing on Jan 7 ?

1. Azkals
2. Azkals and "friends"
3. Mix Azkals and UFL Selection ,incl foreigners in UFL ?

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