Friday, December 16, 2011

Fair Play: Google says, it's an ill-advised 21K

(This is the draft of my Fair Play column for Sun.Star Cebu, Dec. 17 issue)
EVER since I stupidly wrote that I will join the 21K in the Cebu City Marathon, one question has been bugging me—how the hell would I train for the 21K?

On the one hand, I could ask a few friends for tips and know I’ll get them, but on the other hand, I wanted--and still do-- to do this on my own and see how I would do without following any program.

I also wanted to write, “How not to train for a 21K” or even, “Why you shouldn’t do this.”

Now 21K isn’t much for the regular weekend runners, or even for those who’ve joined a 10K or two, but it may be quite a stretch for a guy whose longest distance he has ran in the past 16 years was a 6K during the University Run last August.

So last Sunday night, I finally did my solo relatively long run (RLR), from Banawa, to Capitol, to Escario, to Cebu Doctors’ University (Jones campus), to B. Rodriguez down to Happy Valley.

I did it in 57 something minutes and I was pretty happy about it to tell you frankly.
After my RLR, I thought, well, a 21K maybe not too farfetched a target for me since I thought my RLR covered at least a 10K, or even a 12K.

“I could do with another 10K more,” I thought.

Big mistake.

Very, very big mistake.

The morning after my RLR, I checked with Google Earth to know how long my RLR was and the damn program reminded me that running the 21K in the CCM is a foolish endeavor.

The total distance of my RLR? Seven point three kilometers! Geez!

While I was clicking the waypoints as I measured the distance in Google Earth, the program was slowly breaking down my confidence. While I thought getting from the Court of Appeals to Capitol in 17 minutes wasn’t a bad time, Google Earth was saying, “My grandma’s aunt can run 2.28 kilometers in 16 minutes.”

Heck, as I was clicking the points and Google Earth was measuring the distance, I sort of even begged, “Please let it be more than a 10K, please.”

But Google Earth said, “7.3 kilometers.” I swear I detected a smug smile.

I wanted to blame it on a bug but, the CCM 21K is going to be thrice the distance of my RLR.

After Sunday’s run, I thought, I could do another round. But two more? What was I thinking signing up for the 21K?

I told Haide Acuña of my route and the ultramarathoner who’s training for the 160K, (102 ra man to last time, to which Jingo Quijano replied, “102 RA Mike ha, RA) suggested a few places I should pass to extend my RLR.

She said instead of going back to Cebu Doc, from Escario I could go through Imus, pass by Sun.Star Cebu and a few other places she mentioned.

I forgot what she mentioned because I tell you, while I was mentally picturing out the route, I think I already passed out twice from exhaustion.

CCM 21K? What the he…I wonder whether the Azkals will have a friendly on Jan. 8, 2012? I know there was team from Spain--CF Madrid--that was planning to visit the Philippines for a friendly in Manila.

I hope the game pushes through.

I think January is the perfect time to visit the Rizal Memorial Stadium, again.

I better give Sir Dan a call.


Azkaholic Anonymous said...

3x a week, mike. 3 workouts only. sprints, tempo, and longs. tailor to your current aerobic threshold. WO#1--if your puke-bits-n-pieces-of-pulutan-last-night fast pace is say,10, do 70% to 75% of that 6 to 8 times, with a minimum 2-min rest interval. This is key WO for speed, so run a man possessed. WO#2-- run for a considerable duration at your "race pace" or closer. Not too fast, not too slow, steady pace you can hold. Sample: 10 min warm up, 20-min steady pace, 10-min cool down. You shouldn't be able to handle a "conversation" at this pace. The important thing is to hold the pace best you can within the planned time. WO#3-- Long Run. This is time-in-feet. Ver slow, very long.
If your level is not up to snuff yet, just get out there and rack up some cardiovascular activity until your HR gets what you want it to do without exploding. Nice and easy one foot in front of the other for a while.
When is the half marathon? Be realistic with expectations. When out there, always remember: BREATHE!
Have fun!

Mike Limpag said...

Thanks man, 21K is on Jan. 8. Hehehe. Been procrastinating on training for the past month and two.

Azkaholic Anonymous said...

use your 6k race pace (august) as your platform for your workouts. january is too close even for a high-miler guy. dont get hurt. a treadmill is a great buffer training. saves your knees. also good for tempo runs and you get a more accurate feedback. hydrate. at least 7-hr Z time to recover muscles.

Marathon Foodie said...

Dear Mike,

I'm really excited for you. I assure you, you will run run your 1st 21K and live to tell/write about it.

Your RLR route is in fact very good because its hilly and undulating. This means you will survive the last 5K of the 21K in Escario and Gorordo na puro uphill.

The key is to conserve your energy at the beginning of the race (think negative split). Don't race with the old guy or the skirt in front of you (hehe). This will be tricky kasi the 1st 5K will be downhill and you will be tempted to run faster than you should.

Rest well b4 race day. =)

Best of luck Mike!

Mike Limpag said...

Thanks Haids, Moalboal man ko mag christmas, so I'll try another RLR there and a last one on Dec. 30. Will rest the whole week before Jan. 8.

Azkaholic Anonymous said...

off the grid for a while and back now to say happy (late) holidays to yah, Mike. short note on race-day diet. start getting your system get used to the diet you will have on race day. if u got time, run on same time, same diet then ul know which calories will work for yah. load up on vitamins. my pre longs diet (2hrs b4)is always 2 bananas, oatmeal, or peanut butter n toast, and gatorade. night before is always pasta. you know what works for me AFTER. a long run? a pint of guinness beer. hell what actually works better if u just toss everything out the window and just get out there and have fun:-) good luck and happy new year. BREATHE!