Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Fair Play: Friendly is chance for fans to be heroes

ABOUT this time a year ago, the country—Mindanao especially—was one in supporting a team that dared believe it can overcome whatever the odds fate and a then unconcerned fan base threw at them.

Such great odds, that now, next to the devastation in Mindanao, seem just trivial. The Azkals overcame it, so too, I believe, will Mindanao. Mindanaoans always get back on their feet, no matter the odds.

But they need a little help.

And this time, the Azkals—the recipient of a massive fanatical fan support in 2011—are helping out by holding a charity game early next year.

Cross out the date, Jan. 7—if it becomes final—please?

In a country that worship sports heroes, I am glad that the Azkal will give you and me the chance to be a hero. Yes, the Azkals will be playing a match, but they’re not the hero in this story. 

The hero is you and me in the same way that the numerous unnamed, unrecognized faces who selflessly shared whatever resources they have n the aftermath of Sendong are heroes.

Those whitewater rafting guides who became an impromptu rescue squad? God bless them. Let’s thank them and let’s reward them by doing what we can to support the charity game.

The Azkals could play Barca but without us, it won’t matter.  
Let’s fill up Rizal Memorial Stadium, and for those who can’t be in Manila, let’s watch the game at our favorite watering holes.

There are suggestions to have relief goods as entrance fee, or to have it as low as P100. But I hope it would be a suggested fee of P200, that way, those who are willing and who can afford to, can pay P1,000 for the “P100” entrance fee.

For fans outside Manila, I hope, there will be designated viewing parties in designated bars, where fans can bring their donations, too.

I hope, too, that these designated bars could share a percentage of the earnings for the night, for charity.

It’s just for one night, and for once, let’s not be concerned about the bottom line.

Let’s just help in whatever way we can.

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