Sunday, November 13, 2011

Queen City holds tryouts

(Here's a report by Cheska D. Geli for Sun.Star Cebu on the Queen City trials with some of my inputs.)

A TOTAL of 25 hopefuls showed up with the other regular members for the Cebu Queen City FC United tryout yesterday at the University of San Carlos Talamban campus.

The selection of new players is part of the team’s vision to create a formidable team that will compete in the second division of the United Football League next year.

“It has to be a stronger team considering the competition in Manila. Bisag second division na, taas gihapon ang level,” said head coach Mario Ceniza.

 Cebu Queen City, which spent more than P500,000 for airfare alone in its UFL Cup debut, faced tough teams Stallions FC, Pachanga and Global in the group stages, losing all matches.

The team, whose preparation for the UFL Cup, was less than a month, is looking for players who can reinforce some of the positions they lack in the team.

During the briefing, Ceniza told the aspirants, "We are not looking to form a team for the second division, we are looking for a team for the first division, because that is our ultimate goal. Once  you get in, we will take care of everything but there will be rules, strict rules, that you have to follow to the letter."

Ceniza is more confident playing against second division teams and with a sturdy and aggressive team, he is placing his hopes high to get in the top five.

The team’s ultimate goal is to finish in the top two of Division 2 and get promoted to the first division of the UFL, the country’s premier league.

Aside from the collegiate players—including one from Ghana—young hopefuls below 20 also joined the tryout.

Among the youngest players were Richie Tambor of the University of San Jose-Recoletos and Miguel Flores and Joey Uy from Springdale, who are all 16.

Ceniza said he was disappointed only a few university players joined the tryout.

On the other hand, Philippine national Under 19 team member Hanesin Prince Anthony, 18, who is a striker of USC joined the tryouts.

 “This is not about how young you are because there are guys who are only 17 who get to play in the World Cup,” said Anthony.

Isaac Agyei, 18, from Ghana also showed up for a shot in the football club.

Agyei has played with second and third division teams in Ghana before he pursued studies in Malaysia.

He was also able to train with players from Don Bosco United.

He has been in the country for a two-month vacation with some of his African friends based here and if he gets a chance to be in the team, he will extend his stay and focus on being a full-time player.

“It’s a good team so I decided to be part of them. It has been a good experience to meet the players,” said Agyei.

Tryouts are extended today for other players who miss yesterday’s session. Those who joined in the first-day will be back for another assessment by the coaching staff.

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