Sunday, November 13, 2011

Myanmar thrashes Junior Azkals

(This is the draft of my report for Sun.Star Cebu on PHL vs. Myanmar)AFTER an ecstatic win over Laos last Friday, the Philippines crashed out of contention for a semifinal spot in the Southeast Asian Games with a humbling, 5-0, thrashing from an eager Myanmar yesterday.

The win allowed Myanmar—whose senior team lost a spot in the final four of the last two Suzuki Cup courtesy of the Philippines—to catch up with favorites Vietnam at 10 points.

Vietnam, which beat the Philippines, 3-1, holds the lead with 12 goals, while Myanmar is second on 10.

The Philippines is fourth in the group of six with three points on a win and three losses, while Brunei, which lost to Vietnam, 8-0, is dead last with only a point from its 2-2 draw with Laos.

Laos, which was set to face third-placer Timor Leste late last night, is fifth with a point and a healthier goal difference.

The Philippines will play Brunei on Tuesday at 7:30 p.m., but both teams will be playing for pride only. 
Fans seeking for a consolation may find solace that this year’s team has tied the 2005 team’s performance—three points on a win and three losses—but has a chance to improve on that as they go for nothing but pride against Brunei.

The Junior Azkals played well in the first 10 minutes—and even matched Myanmar in the first—half but an error by Muller in the 11th and a sleepy defense in the 42nd allowed Myanmar to take a 2-0 lead at half-time.

OJ had two great chances in the first half but OJ Portierra’s shot in the 32nd was saved, while Jeff Christaesens teasing floater from 21 yards in the 40th went straight to the keeper.

In the second half, the Junior Azkals did better offensively, managing to test the Myanmar keeper with a few long-range shots.

However, the same couldn’t be said of their defense, with Muller unable to stop a shot just 36 second after the break.

In the 56th, Joshua Beloya came in for Christaens and just five minutes in, the hero of the Laos win unleashed a wicked left-footer from 25 yards that was barely collected.

Mark Hartmann also tried his luck from long distance but his shot barely threatened the keeper and a minute later, things went from bad to worse for the Junior Azkals.

Manny Ott, who scored the first goal against Vietnam, got his second yellow for the night after a clumsy challenge and will miss the Brunei match along with Muller, who picked his second for the tournament.Cebuano Paolo Pascual is expected to take Muller's spot while it is still unsure who fills Ott's spot in the starting 11.

After yet another goal, Beloya went in for a prayer from a tight angle at the right flank but expectedly got saved.

Though the Philippines never gave in getting a consolation goal—with OJ Clarino showing nice hustle in the 89th, Myanmar made them pay in the counterattack with an injury time goal for the final count.


Arielle said...

I really feel bad for the guys, especially for the two OJs. They had all the reason to fold when the fourth goal came but that was when they started look their brightest.

I really, really wish we don't make the same mistake of sending in an ill-prepared team again. These guys have the heart and the talent but we really can't expect them to do well when they're only playing to the opponents' game plan.

Mike said...

I hope the team can get that morale-boosting win against Brunei.

Wiking said...

I just don't understand why the coach insist on not putting real defensive players on the pitch! What was Basa and Fernandez for "saling pusa"? I stopped believing when he started Hinrichsen and replaced him with Drinkuth(2 offensive player)at Left Back a few games ago. And why not start the players with the best performance previously(Mark and Beloya). Was there a secret plan to put them in when the team is already in a bad way? well it worked coach!

Anonymous said...

when the team is traling behind, it is understandable with most coaches, even in porfessional soccer, you will put in offensive players and take out defenive players, to take the risk asto overcome the deficit. when ur team is leading, it will be a sucide to bring in an offensive player than a defensive player... cos normally when any team is leading and need to change player, they will take out an offensive player and bring on a defensive players to protect the lead.. this si what been taught universe on coaching